Thursday, September 30, 2010

etsy love


i am adding to yet another post of mine. i wanted to tell you, whimsy quilts has a blog too so check it out. it too is cuteeee! whimsy quilts also does custom orders. i think that is fabulous.

blog- (check it out)

whimsy quilts


she's my friend erin's sister and she and her friend have a sweet etsy shop for those shopping for vintage style baby quilts and vintage style fabric finds for your home. 

who they are-

two mommas who are good friends and love to quilt!

theyr'e shop-

 whimsy quilts 
check it out- it's so cute

daisy update-

Daisy has lots of bone pain tonight. It’s caused by one of her medications. Makes her miserable. Mostly legs and skull tonight. :-(   ~britt 9/28

 Daisy made her own drum set. She plays along to the soundtrack of the movie ‘Spirit’ Oh yeah, Bryan Adams… ~britt


Cristi said...

JAMIE -- You are SO sweet!!! Wow, that was unexpected!! =) I've been meaning to write you an email all week, but my whole family is sick with fevers. Welcome to Fall, I guess. Anyways, thanks for this!! I finally have all the fabrics for Erin's quilt & when it's done, I'll send you pics!! I'll pray for Daisy's bone pain, I can't even imagine. It breaks my heart to hear about children this young enduring so much pain. =(
Thanks for the updates, it gives us specific things to pray about for her!!

Jamie said...

cristi- thanks!! i think your shop is so cute! i can't wait to see pics of e's quilt. what a blessing you are making that. i am glad the updates can help with specific of how to pray for daisy.