Monday, September 13, 2010

let's start our monday off with some pretty

like pretty beach scenes
i always love beach scenes and beachy ANYthing. beachy houses make my heart go pitter patter. for labor day weekend i went to a really pretty beach house in shell beach where  my friend hilary and her family were visiting for the holiday weekend. i love when i get to spend time with hilary. the beach house was so pretty. i felt like i was in the beach house from the movie "something's gotta give" with jack nicholson and dianne keaton (one of my favorite movies). i didn't get any pictures but it had a similiar feel as the beach house below, with mostly white hues and beachy accents everywhere. the view was breathtaking.

pretty pinks
i am so into ruffles, flower pins, flower earrings flower anything, and outfits in peachy-pink.  i just bought handmade flower earrings from aunties t's boutique and i bought a peachy-pink tee from forever 21 with a sparkly pocket for $11. i can't get enough of the romantic look that's so in right now.
i'm drooling over these pretty shoes
pretty grey walls
i have been into grey for a long time now. i constantly look at my walls and want them to be coated with a fresh coat of pretty grey paint. it's on my to-do-list and i really need to get going on it. i need to get my booty in gear and get to it.
pretty display walls
another project on my-to-list is to create a photo display wall with my pottery barn frames. i bought them forever ago but don't want to hang them until i paint my walls. so for now there just lying on the floor in my room waiting to be hung. ugg. 
i love photo diplays.
pretty in pink
i love shoes too and pink guitars. but that's second to how much i love my family.
pretty people
 they're sure cute.
pretty projects
my friend has an old dresser and 2 old beds that she wants to repaint (for a little girls bedroom) and she suggested painting the dresser  a creamy white and the drawers a different color like aqua blue. i think it would look so cute just like this little nighstand. with the twin beds painted aqua blue to corrdinate with the drawers.  
pretty daisy
her tumor has shrunk incredibly and she has surgery monday morning (9/13) at 11:30 am to remove it completely. it's a serious surgery so she needs our prayers. pray for sweet, precious daisy.

pics via- pink wallpaper, sweet as candy, pray for daisy dot com


The Parsons' blog said...

love it all, jamie. so beautiful and so is that sweet daisy girl. her family is so gorgeous. i was just looking at a photography blog I follow and saw this family on there. the photos were from last year, but they were so cute. thanks for sharing this beautifulness with us. xo