Tuesday, September 14, 2010

happy news happy fall

oh i have happy news to tell you about daisy.

Morning update:
Daisy is doing awesome! Epidural works. No morphine. No NG tube. She’s happy and watching Sesame Street. Moving her to her room when there’s a bed ready. Amazing! She’s starving and they hear a few bowel sounds so they might let her start clear liquids later. God is super good! -britt merrick

click here to follow her current updates.
she is so snuggly and cute in her pj's with her sock monkey by her side.

the LORD your GOD is with you

HE is mighty to save

HE will take great delight in you

HE will quiet you with HIS love

HE will rejoice over you with singing          
zeph. 3:17

thank you friends for praying for daisy.

on another note, i am thinking about making my blog private at least for a little while. i think it's a good decision, i just need to figure out how to do it???? and have no idea how to do that.

onto fall and all it's whimsies-

even though this is considered our summer months still here on the coast we are getting what feels like fall weather.  even though i love the sun and warm days i have been loving it. probably because it's still sunny just a little crisper and colder out. it makes me think of all the great things about fall like-

pumpkin spice candles
buying pumpkins at avila valley barn
my niece and nephew all dressed up for trick or treating
sipping warm drinks with friends

those are just some of the things i am looking forward to.
i think i will decorate in a black and white theme this year for fall with silhouettes touches and glittery pumpkins. or maybe metallic pumpkins or maybe both.....
this is a perfect fall outfit.

pics via snippet and ink & anthropologie


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

Oh my class and I were overjoyed to read her update this morning! I'll have to share the latest one tomorrow!

Can you come decorate for fall for me? I just cannot get myself to care! We are going to be gone most of the weekends in Oct. and Nov. so I can't get motivated! Besides, Christmas decor seems to creep earlier and earlier riiiight?

I've thought of a private blog too! You have to go to your settings and input everyone's email. If someone wants to read it, they need to shoot you an email. Such. A. Hassle. I'm looking into wordpress...you can pick and choose to make private! I'm just not into change right now apparently...some day. :)

I'll take that last outfit please. Thanks.

Love it all!

Jamie said...

i would love to come over to decorate for fall with you!! we could spray paint some pumpkins metallic together and sip starbucks carmel cider.

thanks for the blog tips i sure do need it. blogger sure doesn't make things easy for us.

and you would look beautiful in that pretty outfit!

Phil and Bri said...

That picture of Daisy and her sock monkey is so cute. You would not believe how many people have been praying for Daisy because of your blog. Thank you for being so faithful to update all of us.

I need to know where those shoes are from, stat! I ordered a pair today, but those are much cuter!


I am also unmotivated to get the fall thing going...you are on it!

Jamie said...

aww bri that makes me teary eyed just to know people are praying for her. i look at her and it makes me think of the preciousness of her life and how i could not imagine going through that with judah or annie. thank you for sharing that with me because it shows me how big our God is.

i bet your shoes are so cute! i know i love those too but i have no idea where they are from??

Melinda Cassol said...

I read on Daisy's blog this morning!! WHAT A BLESSING!! PRAISE GOD!! I will continue to pray for her! And....love the outfit!

Jamie said...

bri i found out where those shoes are from, ANTRHO of course! but they don't have them anymore....bummer :(

jorden9879 said...

I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Life has been so busy I have not had time to enjoy your blog. What a powerful testimony of Daisy's life, praising Jesus that that sweet little girl is doing well.
Love the fall decorations!!! That pic of you and your neice, so adorable

Jamie said...

jordan i'm always stoked to hear from you! love ya!