Saturday, December 29, 2007

You would think by the time your parents are grandparents and your the age you always thought was older when you were a kid, your little brother would for sure not tease you anymore Christmas morning......or your brothers would stop hiding your dinner plate full of food when you aren't looking. No matter how many times growing up they have done this I never seem to remember to keep an eye on my food while I am getting my drink to go with my dinner. I guess we never really outgrow who we are when we are with our family, and I have to admit I love all the silliness that goes on when we are all together. This Christmas was the sweetest because we got to spend it with Judah and he was the center of it all. I actually was excited to see what new toys he would get because secretly I know I will get to play them with him. All in all we had the best Christmas because we all got to be together and that's how we like it. I don't think I will ever outgrow the excitement of Christmas or wondering what gifts will be under the tree in the morning or will I ever outgrow being silly with my brothers or teasing my brother right back.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Going thru the drivethru today on my lunchbreak I saw a homeless woman digging thu the trashcan. She was digging pretty vigorously. I just watched her in fascination and agony all at the same time. By the time i left the drivethru she was gone, but on my way out of the shopping center I saw her again digging thru another trashcan. She seemed to be coming up empty. I felt compelled by God to give her some money and so I did. She took it gladly and with a smile on her weatherd face. After she walked away I sat in my car and cried. I just felt so sad for her. I sat there thinking why didn't i do something else for her? It made realize that everyday I go home to a nice plush roof over my head and i sleep in a soft cozy bed. I have a family who loves me and would never let me go hungry or become homeless. I wonder where her family is? I wonder if she has any friends? So I will remember her and pray that somehow she is safe and warm tonight.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

I am finally going to show off the cutest pictures of my nephew Judah. He is my favorite person in the whole world and it's about time I put some pictures of him on my blog. I got these pictures from my brother's family blog because I don't have very many pictures of him saved on my computer. I really need to get a new camera since I don't own one. Every camera I have ever had I have lost.
Judah is such a great nephew and he is such a boy. He has lots of energy and he is really "tough". Sometimes he bonks his head hard and he never cries. He is so happy all of the time, except when he doesn't feel well. I got to spend some time watching him last week and I had so much fun with him because he is so amazing!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My good friend Kristie's 25th birthday is coming up so I want to dedicate this post to her. She is such a great friend and I thought I would include a picture of her and her sister Lindsey and me. Also a picture of some of us when we went to Mexico and ate some of the best tacos ever. So I hope that Kristie has the best birthday this year and that she is constantly blessed with new adventures.

Friday, October 19, 2007

This is my College friends and I visiting my friend Aria when she came to California last summer. It was so good to see her.

Pictured with me is Heidi Keller, Kristen Wilder, Kim Kollmann and Aria KruelishPosted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh my goodness!!! My last blog entry was over a year ago. I am not much of a writer but these days all of my friends seem to have blogs and so does my brother and his wife Katie, so I thought I should start updating mine. I actually love going to visit my friends and families blogs. I get to see pictures of my nephew and pictures of my friends kids. It is so great. Also, I get to visit my friends blogs who do not yet have kids and who are not yet married. It is fun to look at their pictures too and catch a glimpse of their daily lives....especially the ones who have moved away.
But, I guess the whole point of a blog is to talk about myself......I don't love the idea of that but I will probably get more used to it as I blog more. So here is what is new for me. I am working at Starbucks and I really like my new job. I also am still a nanny (part-time) and I love that. I may be going to listen to John Piper speak at a conference in Sacramento, ca. this weekend. I am so excited!!! Hopefully I will be able to go and if I am unable to go, I will listen to his "pleasures of God" series online. So either way it will be good.