Monday, December 07, 2009

Finally- Melissa's Bridal Shower

Thank you for waiting so patiently for me to show you the rest of my friend Melissa's Bridal Shower.
Remember it was a vintage theme with with dark blue, canary yellow, chocolate brown and pops of robin egg blue.

I framed the bride and grooms initials
and the shower invitation.
My sister Katie arranged the beautiful bouquets of flowers.
We personalized each glass and the girls drank out of mason jars.
All of the food eventually ended up on these tables. I made that doily banner too and it was so easy. You're supposed to sew the doilies to the bias tape but I just hot glued mine since I have no idea how to sew. You can find directions here for how to make your own banner.
I lined the tables with lace (found by the bride and my friend Leah at thrift stores & the lace will also be used for the wedding reception)

The lace created a runner down the length of the table

The silverware was Vintage & once belonged to my friend Jocelyn's (the hostess) Grandmother.

I think the cake table was my favorite part of the shower. I just love dessert especially when it's homemade.

The cake was this delicious lemony flavor and it was specially made by a wonderful young woman named Stephanie, who just recently started cake making as her hobby (she's so good).

I am looking forward to Melissa's wedding in less than 2 weeks. I will have more pictures then of the wedding and reception too.

On a totally unrelated subject, here are some of my Christmas decorations up in my house. The colors are inspired by this anthropologie banner my mom gave me a few years back. I love that banner!

Friday, December 04, 2009



AnNiE GiRL......


(ps i am going to show you all the rest of my friends bridal shower, i just have to get my creativity on)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

aHHH inspiration....we all NEED it

here is where i drew INSPIRATION from for the bridal shower
just a few photos of gorgeous weddings, creative parties, a beautiful bride & stunning bridesmaids dresses

don't you LOVE finding inspiration???

it's really all around us

the banner, the cart, the cake
one word
melissa wants to incorporate lace into her wedding
i think this bride wears lace so BEAUTIFULLY
i mean, really this is vintage at it's FINEST
(stay tuned to see where we used lace at the bridal shower)

this setting along with the first 2 photos are all apart of a faux wedding
they set it up specifically for a photo-shoot for photographers to get special training and practice
.......well, i am so glad they did
i am pretty much in love with the setting

& if you love anthropologie
like I DO
those monogrammed mugs should be very familiar to you
i know you love them TOO

the hanging lanterns are from this cute little birthday party
let's just say i am MORE than inspired by that mom's parties

the glasses with personalized tags are from
we made those for our bridal shower too

yellow and blue pair so well together
as so perfectly shown by the above wedding party

more from MELISSA'S bridal shower to come.....
i p-r-o-m-i-s-e

(photo credits- 1st 3 photos: brandon kidd photography, jessica claire photography & laurel layne. the last collage images are from real simple, full house blog and i am unsure where the bridesmaids photo is from?)

Monday, November 16, 2009

SNEAK PEEK: bridal shower

We hosted a bridal shower along with a few other lovely bridesmaids
for this adorable bride-to-be!!

I was the bridal shower "decorator"
I went with the colors dark blue and canary yellow inspired by the shower invitation.
I added pops of chocolate brown and robin's egg blue (some of the bride-to-be's favorite colors)
It was fun to have a special chair just for Melissa
I think hanging lanterns add such a great party effect
I added special touches that represent the new life the bride & groom will share
like the bride's soon-to-be new last name
Mrs. James

More to come on this bridal shower
I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

No Goblins Here Just Some Sweet Faces

We had a a great time together on Halloween! We went over to Joey and Katie's for dinner. Katie made us some very yummy tortilla soup and then we were off to trick or treat with the kids. The neighborhood park had a bounce house and maze for the kids and some hot chocolate to keep us warm.

Papa and Annie hanging out pre-costume
She was a cute little purple flower
and Judah was a cubs baseball player
He is so good at baseball you would be amazed
I love how Judah is laughing in this one
He even played in a ball game and annie was his cheerleader
She loves to clap for her big brother
We had a night to remember that's for sure
How cute is my friend Linda as Dorothy? Her shoes even sparkle! I am pretty sure her Mom made this costume for her when she was younger. Although she's still young!
I think the Wizard of Oz makes for some of the best costumes. My friend Kim's children just look so adorable as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. I love it!

Here are just a few pictures of my niece and nephew during the beginning of this pretty fall season.
One of my favorite things about the fall season is sweaters. They're so comfy and warm. Annie looks just so cozy in hers!

This is Judah with his friend Jack. Jack lives in Colorado but we wished he lived here because he is just so sweet. He has the coolest blond curls to go along with his cute little face and chubby cheeks!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Fall
My Dad and Judah grew pumpkins for the Harvest! We have so many cute pumpkins and 3 of them found a home in my home. Thanks Mom, I love them!

Remember that trip I told you about awhile back.....well me and my girlfriends finally went and we had so much FUN! We went to Palm Springs and Disneyland together. It was an all girls trip spent laying by the pool, eating out, lots of giggling, girl talk, movies, and lots of junk food. I loved when we ate out at the Cheesecake Factory (totally reminds me of college) and Red Robin because they have bottomless french fries and the yummiest root beer floats! Disneyland was of course a blast especially being with Kim and Erin.

This picture is in the wrong order but this us and the kids outside of starbucks and the doughnut shoppe for breakfast after we got back from our trip.

We tried on hats at the hat store.
Photoshoot after we went out to dinner.

Disneyland parade

We laughed so hard on this ride we had to go 2x.

Close up
The castle

My friend Marijke married her best friend Tim a few weekends ago and their wedding was gorgeous! Marijke's designed her dress and it was hand-made too. You can see how pretty there wedding was as captured by my friend Lisa here:

My friend Melissa is also marrying her best friend Ryan in December. I'm excited to be a bridesmaid and help her with the wedding decor. Her theme is going to be rustic and vintage combined.

We get to wear cowboy boots with our dresses.
Which will be perfect since they are getting married at this beautiful rustic barn.
Props to my brother Joey for running in the City to Sea 1/2 marathon.
Good Job, Joe Joe!!
Judah played ball in honor of his Dad running the race.

I know I had a lot of blogging to catch up on but I will try to be better about updating in the busy months ahead!