Sunday, September 26, 2010


let me get this straight about myself. my blog and my facebook statuses paint a very happy, pretty, little picture of my life. i'm a disneyland, fairy tale, happy go lucky kind of girl but my life is far from perfection. my days are just like yours and every other american. there are good ones and there are bad ones. i have the lord so my bad ones are bearable but none the less HARD. i just know that people can read my blog and my facebook and think one thing about me but believe me it's just a small slice of my life and it's the slice i get to choose to talk about. everything i say is true but everything i say is filtered by me. my blog doesn't paint a clear picture of my life. by that i mean this- i don't always blog about things i treasure the most. i have a friend who is dear to me but i'm pretty sure i've never blogged about her. doesn't mean she isn't just as important as any one else who has gotten blog time.  i tend not to complain on my blog or my facebook but that doesn't mean i don't in real life. in real life you'd hear when i was having a tough day or moment. you'd know i'm happy but have days that aren't ideal and that i am imperfect.  VERY imperfect. if there's anything i'm trying to say here it's this-

i love having a blog and i love all of you who comment and are my friends and i love having those who are my not so close friends follow too. BUT just know my life is not rosy, jolly gumdrops, happy happy moments always. i think most of the time i am so beyond blessed. i just choose to share the really good moments with you all. i hope i don't make anyone think oh wow what a great life based on my blog. i mean yes, i think my life is great but not in comparison to yours. yours is great and mine is great and we are all blessed. i admit sometimes i look at a friends blog and swoon over their outfits they are wearing and can become discontent with my own wardrobe. it's completely silly to do but it's completely true that i do it.  so hopefully you guys know my life is totally normal. good normal but still normal.

ok that's all of my tangent, xoxo

ps. as far as i know daisy is doing good.

i am adding to this post because daisy needs more face time-

Daisy is ready to go outside for the first time in a long time! Hooray!!! ~britt



The Avilas said...

I will admit to being jealous of your crazy eye for design. That is something you will NEVER see on my blog;). Maybe my husbands! Love you, even on your bad days. Momma said there would be days like this.

Jamie said...

amen jenn! you've got the good looks going for ya though.

Caleb and Jessica said...

Isn't the blogging world funny. You get to meet new friends...yay! but also, can think you know them completely by this little glimpse into their world, and can even get jealous. Crazy. I know I've done that before.
So, glad you added a picture of Daisy. What a precious girl. At such a young age God us using her to reach so many people!
I started at TMC in 2002. Meet my husband in 2006 and have stayed here since. Although we have dreams of moving out of the city. Where on the coast do you live?
Okay, enough with the long comment.
Have a great Sunday.

Jamie said...

hi jessica! love hearing all of that about you! i was still living in SCV when you started at tmc. i think you must have went with bri and tiffany. I live in arroyo grande, it's really close to san luis obispo and about an hour and a half north of santa barbara. only 2 1/2 hours from SCV.

Caleb and Jessica said...

Yep...went to school with Tiffany and Bri, but actually didn't know them too well. My sister played basketball with them.

My husband went to school at Cal Poly San Luis. He loved it. We try and drive up the coast at least once a year. It's beautiful.