Thursday, June 11, 2009

i didn't forget about my blog

jenn, julie and I celebrating jenn's birthday
london is annie's secret admirer
colleen my friend from college came to visit
we could never not have fun together
katie's brother howie married gina and adopted her son jonah. they are a family with a beautiful testimony of god's redeeming love. i have a special love for jonah since i used to watch him in sunday school when he was 2. he's quite the little prayer warrior! 

the kids danced at the wedding like it was going out of style

michaela and judah

my little cousin alex and judah are great buddies
my aunt deb and my family
dancing once again
the brennans are like family to me and these are there kids.  their mom discipled me years ago forming a strong bond of friendship and really becoming my spiritual family.  i used to watch the kids so we are all very close to each other.  they came over to the house and explored all the nature outside my mom and dad's house
ryan, hannah, michaela, judah
kk's is what i like to call her and she is gorgeous and cute. she's 5 and i'm 25 (well give or take a few years) but we are the best of friends
judah's wearing the mickey ears i  bought for annie
jenn and i at disneyland for her birthday (they gave her her own bday pin)