Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mama
We had so much fun celebrating her
She's  kind
She's loving
She's ageless
She's a servant
She's lovely
She's funny
She's light-hearted
She's pretty
She's her childrens best friend

We danced
We ate
We laughed
We sang Happy Birthday off key
We made sundaes
We cuddled with the kids
We celebrated the woman who seems to be aging backwards

Friday, June 25, 2010

don't take yourself too seriously

 grab your nearest, cutest, goofiest, silliest, spazziest friend
make silly faces

see annie
she doesn't take herself too seriously

Friday, June 18, 2010

Disneyland Family Trip

Since Katie & I turned another year older in April, we used it as a good excuse to take a family trip to Disneyland for our birthdays. It was Judah & Annie's first time to the "happiest place on earth". The whole family came. My brother Jason met us down there with his girlfriend, since he lives close in Hollywood and my best friend Kim met us there too. She is apart of the Hill family, as my Dad would say. Yes she is. I was so excited to see her! We gibbered & jabbered the entire day and I know my Dad was thinking, where do they get the words and how do they not run out of them. The weather was perfect and we had the best day ever!

Dear Walt Disney,

Thanks for dreaming up a place where we can relive childhood memories & savor the dreams of our youth. A place where grown-up & child blend into one to dance to the beat of the land.
Judah's first glimpse of Disneyland
Annie's first glimpse

Annie holding Uncle J's hand
The first time I saw Judah's face in this one I died laughing & I couldn't stop. 
Then I showed him & we both couldn't stop.
I think he thought if he tried hard enough he could get it to budge. I love him.

I couldn't think of a better day than one spent with my family & best friend at Disneyland.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

boy vs girl. blue vs pink.

why i like having a

boy for a nephew
he does manly things
like changing the air in my tires
(i strongly dislike anything that has to do with fixing my car)
he washes my car
& he
it (i don't even ask him to)
he likes things like
he likes to plant vegetables in the garden
he told me twice in one day
"you crack me up"
i'll be honest thats a rarity, that he actually thinks i'm that funny
i like how
he is

why i like having
a girl for a niece
she likes fashion
i like taking her shopping
ok i 
taking her shopping
she picked that hat out all on her own
she has the sweetest little voice
she has me completely 
around her finger
i like how she waddles when she walks
i like that she is already potty trained
because she wanted to be
i like how she 
hello kitty
i like that she is so 
& pretty

boy vs girl
both are winners
flowers from the garden
& the mason jar vase from my friends beautiful wedding 
i had the privilege of helping her with 

check out the wedding video here by my friend ben of cana vp

Sunday, June 06, 2010


currently wanting:
while i am breakfasting in the breakfasting dress
i'd like to be at SHUTTERS ON THE BEACH, eating at COAST dipping strawberries in sugar
the next day i would walk along the sand in this beachy outfit
but i would have to take my sandals off
(shutters on the beach)
swimsuit & beach bag perfect for toting to the pool at SHUTTERS 
(beach shots via shutters on the beach)
the END

i'd like to share with you my 2 recent sephora purchases
my favorite face wash:
highly recommend if you have sensitive skin like me

makes my skin soft while also removing my makeup and mascara and gently exfoiliates and tones

favorite lip treatment/gloss:
it goes on really natural and tints your lips with a hint of rose
now you tell me your favorite beauty secrets???

current blog i'm loving:
me oh my!
photo credit
i had a terrible, nasty case of the flu bug
there was nothing pleasant about it
except my mom taking care of me
& i discovered this blog when i was finally able to sit up