Monday, October 04, 2010

Daisy Duck

this made me love daisy even more

she made a bird costume

Daisy is doing better pain wise. Blood counts still very very low. (on Friday 10/1) ~britt

thanks for your continued prayer friends.

i have to be to work at 5:30 am so this is all the blogging i can muster tonight. hope to bring you more posts soon.


Kirra Sue said...

t and i have been praying for her EVERY day. i loved that picture of her. she's too cute. thanks for sharing their story again jamie girl.

Jamie said...

aww kirra you and taylor rock! isn't she too cute in that costume?!?! i'm so glad your sharing her story too!

jorden9879 said...

Jamie this little girl is just to much of cute! I am praying for her...I so badly want God to just heal her body, GOd knows best. I can't even image. You have to post pics of your pumpkins, it makes me happy just picturing them in my mind. I actually have 6 white pumpkins that will each display a letter to make the word HARVEST by the end of the weekend. So much to do so little time.

Jamie said...

jordan what a great idea for your white pumpkins, i love that they are going to spell harvest! I am wondering if you are going to paint the letters or carve them?? hmmmm, can't wait to see! i do need to post pics, i just have to get new batteries for my camera. it's the same with me so much to do so little time, haha :)