Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monday, March 14, 2011

my go-to accessory

fabric flower earrings- in grey

grey just makes me happy. even though it's such a dreary color.

i tried to get a clear pic but my earrings are a little blurred. oh well. 

and here's my outfit to go with my grey earrings. even though i wear them practically everyday with any outfit i have on. cause grey is cool like that. it goes with everything.
special thanks to tiffany for making me my grey earrings.  find them here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

real couple home tour: emerson and ryan

emerson and ryan, of emerson made, had their home featured on the and i am telling you it's hard to look at there home and not feel a little discontent. so whatever you do,  don't allow yourself to go there..... avoid those thoughts, if you can.  just go to this link of their home tour and read all the helpful hints on how she achieved such a tidy and pretty home. you can do it! be inspired not discouraged.

fyi: those large glass jars with lids {featured in her kitchen and bath} can be found in 3 different sizes at wal-mart for a very reasonable price and  thrift stores always have glass jars in stock.

dress up

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1 of theses things is not like the other

2 things:

The former of which is much more important than the latter.

Daisy had her last Chemo & I got a Vintage Camera I may be in love with just a little.

Daisy celebrated her last round of Chemo with a raging party and good friends.

(image via pray for
Pray for her. She's having a lot of pain and discomfort right now.

If you want to know how you can give more than your prayers to Daisy you can. You can give a donation to the Children's Hospital in Santa Barbabra where Daisy is treated. Janna Christ of Reality Carpenteria sent a personal thank you to each of you from Britt for praying for Daisy.

As far as the camera goes I am really happy it was on Etsy. I first spotted it in a photshoot I loved and I can't wait to use it as a prop for upcoming photoshoots.

I've got my eye on this one.......for a later time
 (image via google images)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lo Boheme- Vintage Inspired Hairwear And Accesories

Hi everyone! I haven't been able to catch up on my favorite blogs in soooo long but I am back and starting tonight I will be doing some much needed catching up (on your blogs) and telling you about Lo Boheme, one of my favorite sites for vintage inspired hair pieces.

Shop owner- Lauren

 pic via lauren's fb page
She designs the most beautiful hair pieces for women and young women (even little girls) to wear for very special occasions. If you live in California, have gotten married in the last few years or our in the wedding industry you are sure to have heard of Lo Boheme and you know the magic her hair pices will do for your hair. I love that each piece has a vintage look to it. It makes you look timeless and yet so perfect for today's look.

I recently styled our company photo shoot for Mike Larson Inc. It was so fun because Lauren of Lo Boheme sponsored our shoot. Each of us had our choice of lovely hair pieces to wear.  The hardest part was picking which one because they were all so pretty. Here are all of us wearing ours.

 last 2 pics via mike larson photography
I loved the colors in my piece. It had hints of teal blue and turquoise feathers. LOVE! Now go check out her site and I DARE you not to fall IN LOVE.

Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year's Eve!
 I hope you all have a FUN New Year's and get to celebrate all the way into 2011! I can't believe it's 2011 already. I remember ringing in the New Year back in 1999 getting ready for the year 2000 to come. Everyone on TV said the computers would crash. Remember that?  I also remember I was still in my early 20's and all of my college friends and I threw a big party that New Year's Eve at our apartment. Those were the days! Now I'm in my early 30's and life has changed so much, we have blogs and facebook, and instead of calling everyone to invite then to a party you just create a facebook event. HA! I am thankful for all the new technology we have but I still love getting a card in the mail and a phone call just to say hi , i miss you. 

I'm really loving this Kate Spade inspired shoot.  Perfect party decor for New Year's!

Christmas was so fun and so relaxing this year. I loved it! I've been wanting new Uggs for so long and this Christmas was my lucky time to get them. Thanks to Uggs, my feet are nice and warm this winter.  My Sis, Katie new just what to get me. New Eye makeup from Sephora, my fav! I have never had a eye shadow palette with so many colors to choose from, so i am excited. My mom got me some Philosophy foaming bubble bath and shower gel in Candy Cane. PERFECT!