Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year's Eve!
 I hope you all have a FUN New Year's and get to celebrate all the way into 2011! I can't believe it's 2011 already. I remember ringing in the New Year back in 1999 getting ready for the year 2000 to come. Everyone on TV said the computers would crash. Remember that?  I also remember I was still in my early 20's and all of my college friends and I threw a big party that New Year's Eve at our apartment. Those were the days! Now I'm in my early 30's and life has changed so much, we have blogs and facebook, and instead of calling everyone to invite then to a party you just create a facebook event. HA! I am thankful for all the new technology we have but I still love getting a card in the mail and a phone call just to say hi , i miss you. 

I'm really loving this Kate Spade inspired shoot.  Perfect party decor for New Year's!

Christmas was so fun and so relaxing this year. I loved it! I've been wanting new Uggs for so long and this Christmas was my lucky time to get them. Thanks to Uggs, my feet are nice and warm this winter.  My Sis, Katie new just what to get me. New Eye makeup from Sephora, my fav! I have never had a eye shadow palette with so many colors to choose from, so i am excited. My mom got me some Philosophy foaming bubble bath and shower gel in Candy Cane. PERFECT!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

vintage chrismas ornaments

are my favorite! i love to collect them.
i love christmas villages too!
here's some of my collection.
some vintage santa mugs that i just love too!
perfect for eggnog.
 she turned to 2 and she looked cute
if you ask her how old she is, she'll tell you she's 3 & then she'll say that she's  3 1/2.
she thinks she's her big brothers age.
i'm thinking, i'd like her to stay 2 a little longer

Thursday, December 09, 2010

2 Be 2 Again

When life was all about the color PINK
When you DANCED and TWIRLED and didn't care who was watching
When you could eat WHATEVER you wanted 
And you didn't care that candy made your FINGERS STICKY
Cause you could just WIPE them on your dress
When it was CUTE to throw a tantrum
When your cheeks were always ROSY
And when you were still NEWLY CREATED by the hands of GOD
She's turning 2 in 2 days
Her life is a reason to celebrate!

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Hey Guys,

Daisy is still doing her chemo. It's been a rough road for the Merrick's and Daisy.  See below.

Wife & I both have flu. Bad. Both ends. Daisy (6) CAN NOT get this while going thru chemo. Please pray for her ~Britt

I am trying to stay hopeful and not cry. I will remember that so many people are praying for her. I will remember that God is watching over her. I will remember that nothing is impossible, especially when I choose to believe in the impossible and exercise my faith.  If I keep writing I will cry so I will go for now but I will leave you with HOPE, hope that the Lord has given to all of us.

"When is the time to trust?
     Is it when hopes beat high,
     When sunshine gilds the sky,
      And joy and ecstasy 
          Fill all the heart?
No!  For the time to trust
     Is when our joy has fled,
     When sorrow bows the head,
     And all is cold and dead,
          All else but God.
                                                                                                      selected from Streams in the Desert
                                                                                                                          by L.B. Cowman
Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing. (2 Cor. 6:10)
By faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we hope. (Gal. 5:5)

xo, jamie

Thursday, December 02, 2010

let's walk down a

Wonderland of Vintage

via (oh i am sorry i can't remember what blog this is from)
starting with vintage silhouettes

via anthropologie's facebook page
moving onto a vintage studio where artist emma cassi designs her jewelry

via green wedding shoes
and we will stop at a vintage camping photo shoot where much inspiration was drawn for a photo shoot i recently styled
do you want to see the pretty couple i had the pleasure of styling?
erica & devin
1 word-
for sure
Mike Larson is

Daisy was addmitted back to the hospital for chemo for 5 days.
pretty sure she is in the 4th day or so. she needed prayer a day or 2 ago but is doing better today.
i am so happy!
 daisy right before her date with dad

 via pray for daisy dot com
at the hospital
doing better
keep praying for her

cristi & jessica
& everyone else praying for daisy,
i loved your sweet notes on my last blog entry regarding your care for daisy.
cristi, please look into that. not sure what they are doing but it would be worth it to research. thank you!
jessica, i know, can't we all just get into a big van together and drive to see her. i am down for anything that would cheer daisy up.
if any of you have any ideas i would love for you to plan it. i was thinking of sending her a gift package with lots of stuff that would make her smile!
if i had more time i would get it organized. i am barely able to blog so if anyone wants to take the lead let me know. i could always help organize anything you have in mind.

this time of year you can find me spending time with my family
glued to the hallmark channel...
w/my mom
trying not to cry at every hallmark moment
styling some more
having  a blast doing it
shopping (although i barely have time for that anymore)
probably a good thing
unless it's for others