Monday, April 27, 2009

Down By The Sea

beach day with judah and annie

judah loves the beach so much he runs around and dances all over the sand

annie's has her sun hat on~ cuteness

our beach day wouldn't be complete without making sandcastles

she couldn't get any cuter

judah, auntie loves your dance moves

rosy cheeks

judah smile for the camera
we took about 20 of these till judah finally smiled

that's a good cheese it smile judah but auntie needs a redo~badly

we celebrated their beautiful mama's birthday this month complete with the most delicious strawberry cake I have ever had
Happy Birthday Katie

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter with the Hill Family

annie lookin cute in her mom's vintage baby dress and bonnet

pretty girls

we had water gun wars with judah

he's a pro

uncle jason came home

judah loves to play for us

judah just last easter

look how little he is

sunny skies

sidewalk chalk
chocolate bunnies
lots of smiles
a glorious easter day

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spoiled with Love

Yep, I pretty much got spoiled on my birthday!! Spoiled with lots of time with my close friends and family. Treated to dinner, desserts, breakfast, lunch, coffee and Italian sodas, sister Katie made me the sweetest birthday cake, my dad made me brownies, mmmm mmmmm yummyness!! Judah helped me blow out my birthday candle (thank goodness it's just one these days) and make my birthday wish! My Mom took me shopping in Santa Barbara (our tradition). Anthropologie was my main destination. I am obsessed, to say the least, with that store! It proved to be worth all my love and adoration!
I could live in that store!

Butter dish
Dish Towels
Pepper Grinder
Thank You Anthro
You Never Disappoint
Vintage like Cake Plates
Thank You Martha @ Macy's

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Bestees and Hilary's Home Tour

I was much in need of a mini-vacation and time with my best friends down south. Erin and Kim time is bitter sweet. When us girls are together it is non-stop fun, talking, and laughing. Never ever running out of things to talk about. We connect on every single level I can think of. They really seem to get me! Mostly because I think God knit our friendship that way, partly because we have known one another since our college days (where we used to spend every waking moment together in the dorms). We attended a very small private Christian college forming strong bonds of friendship rooted in the truths of God's word. We have been through many tears, heartaches, and life's tougher moments together. Needless to say, it's made our friendships stronger and lasting. I've known there husbands since our college days too and there children since there births. They have encouraged me on my toughest days and continually just because they love me. I often feel like a better person just by being around them. Which is why, when the day to part ways and say are goodbyes, is so hard. When I get home I know my life is missing them in it. We used to daydream together about all of us living on the same street when we were older. I still long for that. Never will I not!!! Until then I will cherish them no matter how many miles keep us apart.

This is my friend Hilary. Hilary introduced me to her cousin Newt (funny name, I know) a few years ago. We started dating which then led to a relationship. Although, we didn't stay together, I am really thankful we dated. In my previous relationship I ended up getting my heart very broken, and I just was not treated the way you always dream of growing up. I was not cherished or honored. On the other hand, Newt did treat me very well and I definitely felt cherished. He was raised that way and he comes from an amazing family. His family is huge, full of cousins and tons of extended family and they all love each other and the Lord. Most of all they just loved me and I loved them. I loved every moment I spent with them. When we broke up, I felt like I was breaking up with his entire family. It was hard on me but you know, somehow you get through it. I really think the Lord put him in my life to help heal my heart and past hurts I had. I am grateful Hilary set us up and I am so thankful to have Hilary in my life since she is an extension and example of all of them. She is so generous and hospitable and that is how everyone in her family is. Another cool thing about Hilary is her taste. She has the most beautiful home which I want to show you and NO, my pictures DO NOT EVEN BEGIN TO DO IT JUSTICE!

Let's start with the kitchen

the stove is too die for! hilary would kill me if she knew i was showing her kitchen before she had time to clean the breakfast mess!

pretty cabinet
pretty cake plates
ugly camera flash

dining room

where I get my silhouette inspiration

leading up to the staircase

living room armoire

more of the living room

where her 3 boys sleep
they just put in new built in cabinets that were getting painted the next day

it's like a nautical haven
you know boys never make their beds

aren't the built in bunk beds nostalgic?

the children's bathroom
i forgot to capture her daughters room
it's dreamy and girly
hilary and davie's room
these pictures look so much better in real life

it's gorgeous!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Annie You Had Me Before Hello, Not At It

CHECK 1 Rosy Cheeks
CHECK 2 Pouty Lips
CHECK 3 Big Blue Eyes
YEP it's Official, she is FULL OF SUGAR AND SPICE
Last week we had a bit of a scare with Judah, he had to go to the emergency room! (click here for a bit of the story from my brothers viewpoint) While he was there I was able to take care of Annie and bond with her. She is just so easy going to be around and she smiles and talks, lots. There are a lot of my girlfriends that I wish you could meet her. Maybe one of these days I will pack her up in my car and bring her on my roadtrip to see you all. NO WAY! I only wish I could, I have to leave her in the care of her wonderful Mommy.
Judah is doing GREAT because he has lots of Angels watching over him!