Sunday, March 28, 2010


& as you already know I love them

sometimes i wish things were just free
like these branches i found around our property 
they're wild 
theyr'e huge 

i'd love to have some of these braches in my home

not sure where this photo is from?

or some beachy driftwood
elements of style

but for now i'll make do with my backyard finds

i love this bed
ashley raubach photography
& love this room 
allice lane home
see how the nightstands don't even match
the heights are varying of the lamps and the nightstands
but somehow it works
i really think when you design your home you have to make things work
because lets face it 
we can't always buy what we want
that's where creativity comes in
 & i believe everything doesn't have to match
it just has to flow like this bedroom
& kirra's bedroom (check it out here) is a great example of that
she just repainted her husbands nightstand
 & i think it looks great especially because it's a salvation army find
so she got real creative and made someone else's "throw-away" a treasure
her and her husbands treasure

kirra sue photography
see her nightstands don't match either but they don't have to
it looks so pretty

country living mag
elements of style
elements of style

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my little corner of the world

arroyo grande is where i call home
the weather is usually perfect
75 degrees perfect
we like to call it paradise here
i never get used to living here....not EVER
you can find me some days at our local coffee shop
it's in a very cool historic building in the village downtown
usually filled with locals
i like to get away there to read and sip down some good ol' 
also in the village is my nephews favorite ice cream shop
also in a very cool historic building
there's a choo choo train that rides along a track high above to the top of the ceiling all around the store
it's a good place to go on a hot day or when you just need something sweet
we also have a very yummy bakery in the village
it's filled with home made treats and the best birthday cakes for special occasions
you'll also find a swinging bridge in th evillage that's super fun to cross with little ones

the village, andrein's, doc burnsteins 
photos not taken by jamie
eclair bakery

one of my favorite beach spots here is 
it's main attraction is 
the beach is in the cute little town of avila and the barn is on the way to the beach filled with animals, tasty treats, fruits and veggies, seasonal pumpkin patches, christmas tress, tractor rides etc
photos not taken by jamie
the next town over is san luis obispo
it's a college town with amazing victorian houses on the way to it's downtown shops and eateries
one of my favorite shops is 
the owner is the fabulous and kind 
she's a gem of a person and her shop is striaght out of a fairy-tale
the 1st time i went in i thought of peter pan
photos via local amazing photagrapher cameron ingalls

i really like visiting coffee shops
especially with my friends
my favorite coffee shop is 
located in san luis obispo
if anthropologie had a coffee shop i think it would like like sally loo's
the owners are adorable
they redid the shop all on their own and it's so pretty
i love to go there for some yummy waffles and to hear great music
not to mention they have really good coffee
the owners
photos via sally loos

that's just a small glimpse into my little corner of the world
kirra challenged me to show my world so if you feel like sharing yours then i say go for it
it's FUN

Thursday, March 11, 2010

loliiPOP lolliPOP Ooooo lolliii lolliPOP.... LOLLIPOP

sunshine turns my frown upside-down! i see you spring, your just around the corner. please don't make us wait too long to see the sun-shine day by day?!?! make the rain, go far, far away. put it back in it's cupboard in the clouds. won't cha?  then we can have back to back beach days, play baseball, take bike rides & fly kites all while the suns rays make our faces shine & our souls sing.

so sunshine until your ready to stay we'll make do like we did the other day. we had our lollipop faces on.

flavors: grape & cream soda

brand: dum dum

consume: by lots of licking of course

left with: sweet sticky faces, fingers, hair, etc

i mean what good is an auntie if she doesn't give her niece her first taste of a dum dum lollipop? sure, i will probably be in trouble but that's what i'm suppossed to do, right? smile & nod in agreement with me. ok little brother?

see everyones happy cause sugar has that effect. raise your sucker in the air judah cause were celebrating high fructose corn syrup & it's yummy effects.

why are they called dum dum: the early company sales manager named the ball-shaped candy on a stick &figured dum dum was a word any child could say.

i remember when i was little our local grocery store gave out free dum dums at the checkout counter. it made the grocery store outings a lot less boring.

favorite flavor as a child: cream soda

what was yours???? remember mystery flavor? why don't you go get some dum dum lollipops for the little sweets in your life & then have them vote here sticky fingers & all for there favorite flavor.

so spring-time until your ready to stop playing hide n' seek, i'll fill my house with flowers that remind me of your freshness, blooming colors, buzzing bees & cool breezes.

come out come out wherever you are!

what i'd like to be wearing when you stop hiding.

ruffles & flowers

hats with brims

a shirt dress in plaid
my friendship necklace cause it's so spring-alicious

or maybe some of these spring jewels.

and wedges are a must.

Friday, March 05, 2010


i woke up & forgot to make my bed but most days are like that for me. it was a pretty gloomy friday so i stayed in & watched old classic movies, picked some flowers from my mom's garden & lit some candles. i am a candle girl for sure.
(photo via we heart it)
i took some pictures of my tealights all lit up around my house

& the flowers i picked

this is one of my favorite candle scents. it's from anthropologie & it smells just like that store. it's called volcano. every time i light it my whole house smells amazing!
this tealight is lighting up a special note one of my best friends wrote me. my best friends from college & there kids came to visit me & my family. the night they left i was getting ready for bed & i found this note on my nightstand. it was the best surprise! i miss both of them & the kids already but i am so thankful for our time together because i soak up every second i can have with them.
(photo via we heart it)
i love 
new discoveries- like this yellow dish i found in my cupboard today.
this living room & home of manhattan beach designer jill johnson is so pretty. her aqua blue dish inspired me to take my yellow dish out of the cupboard so it could brighten up my house a bit on a day the sun wasn't so shiny.
 speaking of brightening things up... this girl sure brightens my days. she is totally into all things girly. like purses, dolls and jewelry.
here she is collecting her first piece of jewelry for the day but she'll be adding more...
i think that's a total of 4 necklaces. she is creative & unique for she likes to wear them on her arms instead of around her cute little neck. that doll in the background was mine when i was little & if you were to see her up close you wouldn't be surprised because she has the rattiest hair from all of her doll years her on earth & she seems to be missing her clothes too but annie can still pretend she's  her pretty baby doll.
when i was a little girl i played dress up & had fashion shows daily, i dreamed that someday like cinderella my prince charming would sweep me off my feet. 

& the things that brightened my days were always my family. my parents taught me that jesus was the only one who really could fulfill all of my desires because he loved me. so even when i face hard times i know he is always with me.
(above 3 photos via wanderings of a wannabe)
i can look back without regret & shamelessly!
 (above photo is my dad, annie & i all wearing our converse shoes, we didn't plan it)
so here's to a great weekend & a life lived without regret.