Monday, August 10, 2009

The 5 Things I Currently Crave & Love Most

#1 Vacation

I'll soon be packing my bags!

Let's just say I have not been on any trips yet this summer. With summer coming to an end I have been craving a vacation. Preferably with close friends. My vacation dreams will soon come true. I will be packing my bags & heading on a trip with 2 of my closest friends. Finally some much needed R & R with my girlfriends! We will probably spend the days lounging by the pool sipping ice cold drinks & laughing together. With me getting a much needed tan. Thank you Summer for not ending before my fun getaway!
If I could I'd sail away to somewhere tropical for the entire summer!
Maybe looking stylish & comfy like cute little Reese.
#2 A good deal
Forever 21 just opened in our town & although I can't pull off all of their funky styles, I love that I was able to purchase this blue button-up for 11$ (if you look closely you can see my 11$ price tag).

#3 Pretty home decor
Like this pretty neutral pallet & blue pillows.
With pops of color & seashells.
This room is kinda funky but I LIKE IT!
(image via domino magazine)
#4 The color of sea blue

Like the walls in this study.
I like the geometric pattern on the curtains.
I love everything about this bedroom!
The orange chair is so fun paired with aqua blue & black & white.
This pretty little bathroom reminds me of my friend Hilary's pretty little bathroom in her downstairs entryway (wishing I had a picture of hers).

#5 Everything about my Nephew Judah
like how much he loves & adores his Daddy!
How when you play baseball with him, he says, "you're outta there" just like the umpires say. & you're always out when you play with him. I love that about him.
I love his cute little buns
his big smile that melts my heart
how he tells me he loves me
each & every new phrase that comes out of his mouth
(like when papa told Judah he was safe after running the bases during their game of baseball and Judah insistently said, "I'm out Papa!")
& his love for his baby sister.