Saturday, September 18, 2010

daisy deserves a quadruple-triple-double decker scoop of ice cream with sprinkles on top & never ending refills

i'm amazed, thankful, happy and blessed by how many of you are praying for daisy!!!!

here's a bit of an update i'm sure you already know about but just in case you don't-

Daisy just started the first of 3 days of intravenous chemotherapy treatment drips . Please pray for maximal efficacy and no side effects. ~britt merrick

Daisy is doing great her 1st day of chemo! Praying for no bad side effects. Daddy got her a treat. Mom's gonna kill me! ~britt merrick

i really just love daisy and my heart has a huge place in it for her. i can't help but be reminded of my niece and nephew when i look at her face. i'm thankful for their health and their years here on earth. i pray daisy, judah and annie have many more to come............................

and at night when they close their eyes they will dream they are surfing in waves of yummy sprinkles....

because they deserve the sweetest dreams.




Anonymous said...

jam... i so agree. i have been praying for her since last september. what an amazing fam huh? they are darling. she is darling.

Jamie said...

summer that's so sweet you've been praying for her throughout her entire journey. they are uuuhhh-mazing! i'm so glad we can lift our prayers for daisy to jesus together in different states but all up to one heavenly father. xo friend!

Anonymous said...

i was just doing a school project and i came across her picture on Bing and i am so inspired by her smile i hope her chemotherapy went well and i do not know her but lots of love and hugs XOXOXOX