Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hip hip

i know i'm posting a lot for me
i mean business when it comes to daisy.
are you ready for some good, gloriously good news? i know you are right.
this pretty little girl

is doing better, her brain swelling has gone down and she is home for 21 days, then back to the hospital for more chemo. look in her eyes. because do you see jesus? i do. i see him in her precious eyes. i also see her thanking everyone who is praying for her.  i can just see her thankfulness in her sweet face. yesterday marked one year of her fight with cancer.

i'll spare you the picture of my face on here but if you saw my face you'd see my thankfulness for all of you faithful people/friends/blogging friends/lovers of jesus who are praying for daisy. thank you for telling others too. every time you take the time to tell me that your praying for her, i am so reminded of the BIG, VAST, GREAT GOD we serve. your prayers are being heard and answered. so keep sharing.

can i leave you with 2 pretty photos and some blog news?
  kate spade's assistant's home
do you love the globes like i do? do you love even more that they are displayed on vintage suitcases? pick one up for yourself at this lovely shop- lovies old charm globe
 old charm globe

btw kirra of lovies is hosting a giveaway here, stop by her blog to enter.

i am officially going to make my blog private. so i am pretty sure i need to ask all of you readers that i love to send me your emails so i can add you to my blog list.  so if you want to keep following comment and leave me your email and don't worry, there's no need to be shy if you follow privately. i won't mind if you're a nice person and you want to follow. or you can email me or facebook me your email, you can find my email on my blog profile.

pics via- britt's photo stream, elements of style, and lovies.


dave said...

hey Jamie... Emily (Mason) Vahey here. I would love to keep following your blog! Here's my email-

Melinda Cassol said...

Don't leave me out!! my e-mail is

Love reading about your life and heart! Keep it coming girl! Love you!

Kirra Sue said...

thanks so much for the lovies shout out! i so appreciate it!!!

you have my email already! :)

love you!

Caleb and Jessica said...

I would love to start following your blog more regularly. I do go to Grace and also went to Master's and I do know the Penberthy's. Small world. When did you go to Grace. I see you live on the coast now. What brought you there. Keep the updates on Daisy coming. I'm praying.
my email is

Sandhya said...

Yes, yes, yes, include me on your list! I love following your beautiful blog :)


Jamie said...

hey guys, i will for sure add you all. so glad you all follow!

emily good to hear from ya!

jessica, my family moved here the end of my time at masters and after living in santa clarita for a few years after college i was ready for a change and moved here too. i love it here!

jorden9879 said...

PTL that Daisy is doing well. What an adorable little girl. How you find such things as Kate Spades assistants home i will never know but I love it!

Cristi said...

Hi Jamie,
I love your blog, your style and am praying for Daisy! I'm also particularly fond of blogs that have photos of my sis and her family every once in a while since I don't get to see them enough. =) If you don't mind including me, I'll probably check it when I'm logged in with whimsyquilts, so that's I love being able to see how you're doing and pray for you. =) xoxo Cristi
p.s. Good find with this circus fabric for Erin!! I'm about to start cutting into it...

Jamie said...

cristi, of course i don't mind having you follow my blog. it's so fun finding out you do! everything you said was such a blessing to hear. your praying for me? you couldn't know that tonight of all nights that is particularly a blessing to hear. you know sometimes it's hard being single. i am thankful for it but it has it's own measure of hardships. so thank you for praying for me. i am so blessed by that!