Saturday, January 30, 2010

Before & After- white dresser

Today I learned how to drill and measure. My Dad taught me. He's so helpful. He's also a handyman...... which by the way I hope to marry me one of those someday.

I bought some new handles for my dresser in hopes to spruce it up a bit

well kinda
i forgot to take a picture before we started
Now all it needs is some fresh paint

Here is some house inspiration

I can't say I am the hugest Valentines day fan but I don't dislike it either
what I really like is the all the pink
and that kids get to have a party where they exchange friendship notes

here's some pink with a little love mixed in to get you thinking about all those peeps you love most in this world

photo credits-not taken by jamie

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Ryan + Melissa

theirs was the wedding of the year!
before you even check out my post go take a look at ryan & melissa's wedding featured on  style me pretty  (one of my favorite wedding blogs) because of their amazing photographer ken kienow.  i mean it check it out first by clicking on the pink link. did you see the one with all of our cowgirl boots? i am excited some of my wedding decor is featured on their blog!
melissa is stunning looking up at ryan & her beauty is timeless 
it was a perfect day in december for a beautiful wedding. the joining of two very special people who fell in love on a long car ride up north (where by chance the boy needed a ride up north from the girl). they talked the whole way up & when they were back to their beach home the boy called the girl everyday after because he could not live without her.
( ken kienow wedding photography)

from one gorgeous wedding onto another wedding shoot i fell in love with
i love the birdcages. i am a sucker for anything vintage which is why i love anthropologie so much. i want to live inside that store and if we ever get one her on the coast then i want to be on their design team!

and here are 2 more little sweethearts that i love
with all my heart.
(photo ken kienow)

Monday, January 04, 2010


December was a full month for me.
First we celebrated Annie's 1st birthday,
then my friend Melissa married the love of her life.
Finally we celebrated not only Christmas but Jesus Birthday as Judah loves to tell us!
Happy Birthday Jesus 
It was a month full of Celebrations!
I was one busy girl! 
I love being an Auntie and celebrating Annie turning 1. 
I absolutely adore that girl!
It was also fun being a bridesmaid and helping Melissa with her wedding decor.
Christmas is so amazing being with my family and watching the kids as they experience some of their first Christmas memories.
Hopefully that helps explain why I have been such a bad blogger!
I have loved reading all of your blogs so much!  I especially loved receiving my friends Christmas cards in the mail. I look forward to that every year! Thank you for sending those.

Now let's start by taking a peek at Annie's 1st Birthday Party
She's 1....... 

She had a very Happy Birthday

It was a pink birthday of course! 
Complete with bakerella's cake pops.

With a flower theme

and a flower cake, made with love by her Momma.

Annie wore the cutest birthday outfit and her skirt had flowers on it.  Judah sure does love his baby sister!

She loved her dora tent.

You are the sweetest, cutest and prettiest 1year old.
Happy Birthday Annie,
I love you. 

Next up is Melissa's wedding rehearsal at the barn and a peek at her wedding.

This is actually when all of the San Luis Obispo bridesmaids were treated to a delicious Italian dinner by Melissa's mom a few weekends before the wedding.
Can you believe this is only about half of the bridesmaids?
There were 10 of us all together.

I love the dana powers barn!
It's so charming with so many great vintage touches.

The views are spectacular.

Judah was one of the ring bearers and he loved exploring all around the barn.

The kids did a good job sitting still while the adults practiced.

Do we look alike at all?
Maybe if i was fairer skinned?
Both of my parents were adopted so I don't really look like any of my 30 or so cousins so it's cool to have a niece who somewhat resembles me.

With all of the business of the wedding I didn't have any time to take pictures.
So all of these pics are borrowed from other people but hopefully i will be able to post more once the wedding photographer (and family friend) posts his. His will be amazing!

All of our flowers were stored in these beautiful mason jars designed by the wedding florist.

Katie made their monograms out of moss.

I love how Ryan's leaning in towards his bride.

It's as if he's saying,
How delightful is your love, my sister, my bride! How much more pleasing is your love than wine, and the fragrance of your perfume than any spice!
Song of Solomon 4:10

The happy couple!

Judah and Claire (the flower girl) danced it up at the wedding!

It was so fun to be apart of Melissa and Ryan's wedding. I loved that Judah was a ring-bearer and that Katie and I were bridesmaids together. It was one big celebration with all of our friends.

Finally on to Christmas and the most important birth we will ever celebrate.
Jesus is the reason for all that we have and I wish I could always see him in the way my little nephew does. 

It's our tradition to open up our pj's on Christmas Eve. Judah was so excited to open up his new buzz lightyear jammies. After Annie received hers and we were all just hanging out Judah asked where is Jesus' present? It was so heartmelting. He thought if it's Jesus' birthday then of course Jesus should have a present.

Annie started walking on Christmas Eve.  It's so fun to see her taking steps now!

Uncle Jason came home for Christmas and spoiled the kids with gifts.

Judah was pumped to get a new meatal bat, batting gloves and a batting helmut. Now he'll be even more of a pro.

This is completely off the subject but did you guys see the new Pottery Barn January catalog?
I like what they are doing for 2010!
I want the grand bedding, the numbered pillows, and the buchanan sofa.
I think my little guest house wants them too.
Happy New Year!