Monday, December 07, 2009

Finally- Melissa's Bridal Shower

Thank you for waiting so patiently for me to show you the rest of my friend Melissa's Bridal Shower.
Remember it was a vintage theme with with dark blue, canary yellow, chocolate brown and pops of robin egg blue.

I framed the bride and grooms initials
and the shower invitation.
My sister Katie arranged the beautiful bouquets of flowers.
We personalized each glass and the girls drank out of mason jars.
All of the food eventually ended up on these tables. I made that doily banner too and it was so easy. You're supposed to sew the doilies to the bias tape but I just hot glued mine since I have no idea how to sew. You can find directions here for how to make your own banner.
I lined the tables with lace (found by the bride and my friend Leah at thrift stores & the lace will also be used for the wedding reception)

The lace created a runner down the length of the table

The silverware was Vintage & once belonged to my friend Jocelyn's (the hostess) Grandmother.

I think the cake table was my favorite part of the shower. I just love dessert especially when it's homemade.

The cake was this delicious lemony flavor and it was specially made by a wonderful young woman named Stephanie, who just recently started cake making as her hobby (she's so good).

I am looking forward to Melissa's wedding in less than 2 weeks. I will have more pictures then of the wedding and reception too.

On a totally unrelated subject, here are some of my Christmas decorations up in my house. The colors are inspired by this anthropologie banner my mom gave me a few years back. I love that banner!


The Parsons' blog said...

I LOVE it. Everything about it. Beautiful!!! Well done, friend. I love the stack of bowls with the candle and I love how it's all different but goes together. I could spend all night telling you the things I loved about it! :) So so so great. XOXO

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

Everything looked great... you have real talent!!!!

Linda Z said...

You did a wonderful job, Jamie! Everything is so beautiful and personal. I'm sure Melissa was so blessed by your thoughtfulness and creativity! :)

Phil and Bri said... heart is pounding out of joy for these pics! And looking at pictures with your beautiful music playing is even better! Ha! This should be in a the picture of the table from far away! LOVE IT! You are awesome!

rachel said...

you did a beautiful job on the shower of course! i love every ounce of it! :) and your christmas decor is beautiful... i LOVE that banner!! and the blue chair is fabulous. happy christmastime :)

rachel said...

ps - how do you get it to now on your blog?? i would LOVE for it to snow on my blog -- i need help!!! :)

Kirra Sue said...

sooo beautiful jamie! looks like it's all right out of an anthro catalog! :) and i am obsessed with that teal chair of yours! soooo adorable!!!

The Parsons' blog said...

Hi, it's me. I'm back for more ;) Jamie, I must know where oh where to find the teal and pink cake plates?!?!?!

Jamie said...

Kirra & Sara, I just saw your comments(my e-mail didn't let me know for some reason).

Kirra, that chair is an old fashioned ice-cream chair (you can find them at antique stores) ours was rusted white with a burgundy chair cover & I just spray painted it and recovered the chair. super easy!! Thank you for saying that about anthro, what a compliment!

Sara, Hi!!! The pink cake plate is from Marshalls (I. Godinger & Co. is the brand) a few years back and the teal one is from Martha Stewarts collection at Macy's. It was never online though, I found it in the store. I hope you can find one. I am going to try and find a pink cake plate for you online. It wiould be perfect for your girls birthday cakes. I liked your white one with the ribbon through it!!

AND A VERY HUGE THANK-YOU to all of you girls for all of your sweet coments!! I am so blessed by them!!

jorden9879 said...

What a beautiful bridal shower. I could look at all the details for hours. What a special memory for her. I love your Christmas decorations! I did not get many Christmas decorations out this year. I have been sick from being pregnant and my dear husband brought out the trees and garlands and decorated them without me asking. It isn't how I would have done it but it looks festive and made me get in the season. So since only about 1/3 of my usual decorations are up this year I love looking at all yours!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? My friend, I can only pray for an ounce of your decorating skills!! YOu are one very talented woman!! I miss you so much. I told you I would call you when we got back from Idaho and we have been back for almost two weeks, so I need to desperately get my Jamie fix!! I can't wait to talk soon my friend. You know I adore you!!

Jamie said...

Jordan- I did not know you were pregnant. I am so happy for you guys! You deserve to just take it easy with the holiday decor this year! I can just imagine you are the prettiest pregnant girl right now. I will be praying for you! especially no morning sickness!!

Kim- I am dying to talk to you. I miss you!! I am so busy this week but maybe we can talk soon. I am in a wedding this Saturday and I feel like I have so much to tell you! I need my Kim fix too!