Tuesday, November 17, 2009

aHHH inspiration....we all NEED it

here is where i drew INSPIRATION from for the bridal shower
just a few photos of gorgeous weddings, creative parties, a beautiful bride & stunning bridesmaids dresses

don't you LOVE finding inspiration???

it's really all around us

the banner, the cart, the cake
one word
melissa wants to incorporate lace into her wedding
i think this bride wears lace so BEAUTIFULLY
i mean, really this is vintage at it's FINEST
(stay tuned to see where we used lace at the bridal shower)

this setting along with the first 2 photos are all apart of a faux wedding
they set it up specifically for a photo-shoot for photographers to get special training and practice
.......well, i am so glad they did
i am pretty much in love with the setting

& if you love anthropologie
like I DO
those monogrammed mugs should be very familiar to you
i know you love them TOO

the hanging lanterns are from this cute little birthday party
let's just say i am MORE than inspired by that mom's parties

the glasses with personalized tags are from
we made those for our bridal shower too

yellow and blue pair so well together
as so perfectly shown by the above wedding party

more from MELISSA'S bridal shower to come.....
i p-r-o-m-i-s-e

(photo credits- 1st 3 photos: brandon kidd photography, jessica claire photography & laurel layne. the last collage images are from real simple, full house blog and i am unsure where the bridesmaids photo is from?)


The Parsons' blog said...

Looooooooove this. I wish I could step into those pictures and gather everything up and bring it home. I like your inspirations. I like them a lot. :) I'm telling you, Jamie this is what you need to be doing. For real. xoxo

ps - I always look at jessica claire photography. she's one of my favs. beautiful.

Jamie said...

SARA....I Looooooove you! To be able to step into those pictures & gather all of it up would be DREAMY!

I just discovered Jessica Claire Photography and let me tell you I SWOOOON over it! Did you see the post on her wedding...oh my gosh I was in awe!

The Parsons' blog said...

I wish we lived closer. What I would give to live near the girls I love most in this world...sigh...

Yes, Jessica Claire knocks my socks off. I could pretty much get lost in the computer by looking at peoples photography blogs. I love to get ideas of different shots.

Love you!

rachel said...

jams, i love, love, LOVE all of this.. love the inspiration, LOVE how you executed it... LOVE it all. you are amazing and beautiful and i LOVE you too!!! xoxo

jorden9879 said...

I love seeing new creative, unique wedding/bridal things. You guys did a wonderful job with the shower. I love the frame with her Mrs. name in it. O to be able to do a wedding all over again. I guess at 20 I had NO CLUE! O well at least the guy was perfect!

Jamie said...

Rachel- wouldn't it be fun if we lived closer and could put all of our creativity together and have some fun? Your parties/weddings are amazing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Jordan- I have missed you so much! I love what you said about Nate. If I had to choose between the perfect man or the perfect wedding it would for sure be Mr. Perfect. I wished we lived closer too because I just love your creativity and all of your party ideas!

Jamie said...

oh and the main reason i wished i lived closer to all of you girls isn't because of your creativity (although you are all so talented). it's because i just love who all of you are!

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