Thursday, December 02, 2010

let's walk down a

Wonderland of Vintage

via (oh i am sorry i can't remember what blog this is from)
starting with vintage silhouettes

via anthropologie's facebook page
moving onto a vintage studio where artist emma cassi designs her jewelry

via green wedding shoes
and we will stop at a vintage camping photo shoot where much inspiration was drawn for a photo shoot i recently styled
do you want to see the pretty couple i had the pleasure of styling?
erica & devin
1 word-
for sure
Mike Larson is

Daisy was addmitted back to the hospital for chemo for 5 days.
pretty sure she is in the 4th day or so. she needed prayer a day or 2 ago but is doing better today.
i am so happy!
 daisy right before her date with dad

 via pray for daisy dot com
at the hospital
doing better
keep praying for her

cristi & jessica
& everyone else praying for daisy,
i loved your sweet notes on my last blog entry regarding your care for daisy.
cristi, please look into that. not sure what they are doing but it would be worth it to research. thank you!
jessica, i know, can't we all just get into a big van together and drive to see her. i am down for anything that would cheer daisy up.
if any of you have any ideas i would love for you to plan it. i was thinking of sending her a gift package with lots of stuff that would make her smile!
if i had more time i would get it organized. i am barely able to blog so if anyone wants to take the lead let me know. i could always help organize anything you have in mind.

this time of year you can find me spending time with my family
glued to the hallmark channel...
w/my mom
trying not to cry at every hallmark moment
styling some more
having  a blast doing it
shopping (although i barely have time for that anymore)
probably a good thing
unless it's for others


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

I love the plaid photo where she is on her knees over it! And Daisy...oh the tears! So precious! Love your blog!

Melinda Cassol said...

Love your styling!! You are amazing!

Phil and Bri said...

Thank you Ms. Jamie!!! :) Oh my word and that couple is GORG!!!! Wow, her blond locks...geesh! I need to see your face though in the next post :)

Mike Larson said...

thanks for your post, thanks for your work on Devin & Erica

PS Its humbling to see Daisy Love go through this. It could happen to any of us. Pray for Daisy Love.

The Parsons' blog said...

Oh Jamie, you have been missed. Gorgeous work, girl. I knew nothing but beauty would come from you. :) xoxo

jorden9879 said...

That girl should be the next Anthro model. good job! Sweet Daisy I pray for her often, I don't know her but my heart breaks. praying that God's healing hands would rest upon her little body. Each time I see her I am reminded... in everything give thanks. What a special little girl

Jamie said...

ok guys, thanks for all of your happy, fun, loving comments!!

bri, u sure you wanna see my face on here :) ha ha! i think erica should be a hair model for sure.

mike, thank you!!

jordan, she has anthro model written all over her :)

Jessica said...

Great work. What is your job? It looks fun. Still praying for Daisy and telling everyone I know to also. I would love to send her something...or whatever else you can think of that would encourage her. Just let me know.

Jamie said...

jessica! pretty sure we would hang out if we lived closer. i am a personal stylist and prop stylist. i work also for mike larson photography styling his clients for photo shoots. it is a DREAM job. i help them with wardrobe and props but not hair and makeup (i call in the pros for that).

I love that your friends and you are praying! should we try to get together a gift basket for her? Maybe i can contact brit and see what she loves?!?!? xo thank you so much for praying!!! your the sweetest.