Friday, November 12, 2010

to be continued

hey guys, i have a prayer request for daisy.  she's doing ok but not great. she's been in the hospital doing chemo treatments and such. keep her in your prayers if you could today and tomorrow especially. i apologize for not keeping you updated as much and as often as i would like to. you can always go to her prayer page and check out britt's updates about her at

favorite daisy quote that made me laugh-

Just got out of a long day in the hospital with Daisy (6) and she asked Kate to go to the store and buy "steak, rootbeer and peanuts." ha! ~britt
luv her!
for those of you lovlies who are new to praying for daisy here is a bit about her (thank you kylie and others for praying).
she was diagnosed with a wilm's tumor 2 years ago and has relapsed once since then. she is currently under going chemo therapy treatments so she can beat the cancer.
more info about wilm's tumor her-
you can become friends on facebook with her dad britt and keep updated on her progress  here too-
i should be getting ready right now but i just had to give you faithful praying for daisy's an update.

forgive me for not blogging as much as i want to. i have so much i want to tell you. i will hopefully get a post out soon ;) miss you all!


Kylie said...

I will certainly pray for Daisy. Hope you're doing ok...


Cristi said...

Hi Jamie,
I'm glad for the update b'c I pray for her. =)

There are a few people in my lab who have made some findings about Wilm's Tumor and though I'm sure she's getting the best care available, should I ask them if they know of any clinical trials that are ongoing or starting up based on their findings? Looking at her sweet little smile makes all this research we do (and for those guys, really long hours!!) totally worthwhile.

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting about Daisy, I'm praying for her and wish there was something I could do. If you ever know of anything or if she wants visitors while she's in the hospital let me know. I'll be there!

jorden9879 said...

Seriously I can hardly read that. Praying for that sweet little girl. Brooklyn is standing beside me saying see Daisy, she is sick, we will pray she feels better. O so sweet. Seriously we will be praying God heals her.

Kirra Sue said...

Praying for Daisy Jamie!!!