Thursday, December 09, 2010

2 Be 2 Again

When life was all about the color PINK
When you DANCED and TWIRLED and didn't care who was watching
When you could eat WHATEVER you wanted 
And you didn't care that candy made your FINGERS STICKY
Cause you could just WIPE them on your dress
When it was CUTE to throw a tantrum
When your cheeks were always ROSY
And when you were still NEWLY CREATED by the hands of GOD
She's turning 2 in 2 days
Her life is a reason to celebrate!


Kirra Sue said...

I loved this Jamie. So sweet. I was just thinking today about how bittersweet it is to grow up. You put this so perfectly into words tonight. I cannot believe your sweetie niece is 2! I remember when she was born! Hope you have a sweet day celebrating with her. xo

Melinda Cassol said...

She is adorable and you are the sweetest aunt! Love you and have fun lovin on that sweet girl!

Jamie said...

Awww Kirra your right it is so bittersweet to grow up. I just love that you remember when she was born. It was a special day for sure and I know you know the feeling (Drew, Darke and Jaxon).

Jamie said...

Melinda I love you and Thank you!

Kirra I can't believe I spelled Drake that way, ha ha. I am the worst typer, maybe ever!

Lisa Leonard said...

hello sweet girl! sending a HUGE hug. xo

jorden9879 said...

O how precious are little girls. 2 is such a great age!!! What a cutie pie.

The Parsons' blog said...

If I could freeze time, i would. xo Jamie. Have fun celebrating your sweet niece. loooooove you.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet niece...and oh how I too would freeze time if I could. My hubby says to look forward to the next exciting, but I'm just so sentimental. And Elijahs birthday is actually today, but they're close!