Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mama
We had so much fun celebrating her
She's  kind
She's loving
She's ageless
She's a servant
She's lovely
She's funny
She's light-hearted
She's pretty
She's her childrens best friend

We danced
We ate
We laughed
We sang Happy Birthday off key
We made sundaes
We cuddled with the kids
We celebrated the woman who seems to be aging backwards


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

I heart it all! Your white cake plate is too cute!

The Parsons' blog said...

Seriously, Jamie the table setting is BRILLIANT!! So beautiful!! I'd hire you to plan a party for me in a heartbeat!! xoxo

Kirra Sue said...

Jamie it's all so beautiful! Happy Birthday to your Mama!!!! P.S. Love your music- hello Tyler Hilton, your voice is gorgeous!!!!!

jorden9879 said...

Gorgeous, flowers and mom!!! I loved the disneyland post. I love when I haven't been on for awhile and I click on a blog and I have to look at a bunch of posts, so fun! I love that picture of that girl with the purse. I seriously want that whole outfit!