Wednesday, June 09, 2010

boy vs girl. blue vs pink.

why i like having a

boy for a nephew
he does manly things
like changing the air in my tires
(i strongly dislike anything that has to do with fixing my car)
he washes my car
& he
it (i don't even ask him to)
he likes things like
he likes to plant vegetables in the garden
he told me twice in one day
"you crack me up"
i'll be honest thats a rarity, that he actually thinks i'm that funny
i like how
he is

why i like having
a girl for a niece
she likes fashion
i like taking her shopping
ok i 
taking her shopping
she picked that hat out all on her own
she has the sweetest little voice
she has me completely 
around her finger
i like how she waddles when she walks
i like that she is already potty trained
because she wanted to be
i like how she 
hello kitty
i like that she is so 
& pretty

boy vs girl
both are winners
flowers from the garden
& the mason jar vase from my friends beautiful wedding 
i had the privilege of helping her with 

check out the wedding video here by my friend ben of cana vp


nicole me oh my! said...

Jamie, thanks for the blog love! Your blog is darling!

Oh, and thanks for letting me know about the pic - you are too sweet.

Tori said...

CUTE CUTE pictures! Loved the blog! I'm glad you get to have a nephew and a niece! They are both a blessing!

Jamie said...

nicole of oh me oh my- i am so excited you stopped by! i am in {heart} with your blog. xo.xo.

Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

Jamie! Can I just say I looooooooooooove your blog! Never been here before and now I'm following :) Cuteness!

jorden9879 said...

That is so true about boys and girls! I love that he washes and pumps up the tires in your car, what a man! Love her blue eyes!

The Parsons' blog said...

Hi Jamie. I like this post. I like you. I like your niece and nephew (and yes, they are both winners). But I really like how your nephew says "you crack me up" That made me smile. Big. xx