Sunday, June 06, 2010


currently wanting:
while i am breakfasting in the breakfasting dress
i'd like to be at SHUTTERS ON THE BEACH, eating at COAST dipping strawberries in sugar
the next day i would walk along the sand in this beachy outfit
but i would have to take my sandals off
(shutters on the beach)
swimsuit & beach bag perfect for toting to the pool at SHUTTERS 
(beach shots via shutters on the beach)
the END

i'd like to share with you my 2 recent sephora purchases
my favorite face wash:
highly recommend if you have sensitive skin like me

makes my skin soft while also removing my makeup and mascara and gently exfoiliates and tones

favorite lip treatment/gloss:
it goes on really natural and tints your lips with a hint of rose
now you tell me your favorite beauty secrets???

current blog i'm loving:
me oh my!
photo credit
i had a terrible, nasty case of the flu bug
there was nothing pleasant about it
except my mom taking care of me
& i discovered this blog when i was finally able to sit up


Kirra Sue said...

Take me THERE! Wow. Wow to all of it. The yummy clothes, and the places. Can you come be my personal stylist? :)

Jamie said...

let's GO! I would love to be your personal stylist, don't need one. i can often be found drooling over your outfits and hair accesories. YEP, I sure do.

jorden9879 said...

Sorry you were sick, yuck! I love your blog, seriously. That hotel is unreal, WOW! You really need to come next time to the funky junk sisters, you would love it! I love the dress and clogs from anthro. I was just there and wanted to buy the whole store. Again Love your blog it takes me to a very happy place!!!

The Parsons' blog said...

Yes please, to all of it. I also loved how you shared your lip gloss you use. I may need to get me some of that. :)

ps - glad your mom could take care of you when you were down and out. What a treasure.

Phil and Bri said...

I forgot to comment and tell you how bad I want those much are they??? Probably like $500 huh!!?? You have great style!!!

Jamie said...

ahhh BRI you & 2 of my best friends are preggers! &&&&& those shoes are only 158$, chump change, HA! i think we all need those.