Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to Los Olivos, a cute town nestled into the Central Coast

do you remember april?
it seems so long ago now that us californians are lounging on the beach catching sunrays and vitamin d
it makes me so happy
(avila beach- memorial day)
all my blues go away when i feel the salty air on my face & see my niece & nephew with their sandy faces & wet buns.
i turned another year older in april
i still feel like i'm 20 something!
i want to take you along with me to where i celebrated my birthday
you'll probably want to have your own girls day afterwards there too
& this is my personal INVITE to you

saarloos & sons was my pick for a birthday spent with girlfriends
(located in los olivos , neighboring solvang)
it's a place where wine & cupcakes come together to make HEAVEN
the owners have combined wines that pair with mini cupcakes for the BEST taste ever extra plus it's a modern vintage tasting room layout
all my eyes saw was pretty
pretty details everywhere
pretty wallpaper
pretty treats
pretty everything
lets go sit there together
i really want that chair

amber & her husband kevin of ENJOY CUPCAKES
her cupcakes are mobile
she fixed up this little vintage camper and it arrives at your event cupcakes in tow
(enjoy cupcakes photo credits jose villa)
(other shots via saarloosand
just one more reason you need to come see me
i can't even wait to go back there
& i think you should come with me


Phil and Bri said...

OK!!!!! Wow, this may be the most beautiful post ever. WOW!!! Love it all. Happy Late Birthday!!

Jamie said...

bri- U R so SWEET! this is why i want vintage wallpaper now. i have MANY ideas now i just need MANY, MANY dollars!

Kirra Sue said...

wow. it's all so amazing! seriously. i'm dying. and i want to come and see it so bad! where you live sounds magical! i love it!

Jamie said...

kirra, COME SEE ME!! i'm not even exaggerating, it is magical here. i feel so undeservingly blessed by this place i call home. there's so much to see here it's CRAZY and it's so PRETTY!

The Parsons' blog said... flight gets in at 10am. See you there. ;) Oh how I wish. If I had money to grab from my Swiss account (hahahaha...) I'd be there this weekend. xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh how i miss the central coast. happy late birthday.

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

I LOVE your posts!! Seriously your taste is amazing!! And I am calling you TODAY!! WE have had company with Chris's parents and then my parents so I haven't been able to call you back, but I am doing it today!! I can't wait to hear about the job!! Love you so much!!

L said...

Hi Jamie! I stumbled upon your blog thru 'me oh my'. I love your posts! I also noticed that you love Jesus! {John Piper is one of my favorites, as well.} It appears you're from around the LA area maybe, and I'm wondering if you might recommend a church there. Maybe an odd request of a stranger? but a dear friend of mine is new to that area and still on the hunt to get plugged in somewhere. I look forward to reading more from you!

Jamie said...

hi L, thank you for the blog love, so glad you stumbled upon mine! i would love to recommend some churches for your friend. although, i live on the central coast now, i used to live down south near LA. where does your friend live exactly in LA?

grace community church- pastor john macarthur, sun valley,ca. it's a really big church but the teaching is amazing!

cornerstone community church- pastor francis chan
simi valley, ca

there's a few to start

L said...

Thank you for the recommendations! I'm familiar with both pastors' names, and I will pass these along to her. She currently lives in West LA, so I'm not sure how far away these are.