Friday, March 05, 2010


i woke up & forgot to make my bed but most days are like that for me. it was a pretty gloomy friday so i stayed in & watched old classic movies, picked some flowers from my mom's garden & lit some candles. i am a candle girl for sure.
(photo via we heart it)
i took some pictures of my tealights all lit up around my house

& the flowers i picked

this is one of my favorite candle scents. it's from anthropologie & it smells just like that store. it's called volcano. every time i light it my whole house smells amazing!
this tealight is lighting up a special note one of my best friends wrote me. my best friends from college & there kids came to visit me & my family. the night they left i was getting ready for bed & i found this note on my nightstand. it was the best surprise! i miss both of them & the kids already but i am so thankful for our time together because i soak up every second i can have with them.
(photo via we heart it)
i love 
new discoveries- like this yellow dish i found in my cupboard today.
this living room & home of manhattan beach designer jill johnson is so pretty. her aqua blue dish inspired me to take my yellow dish out of the cupboard so it could brighten up my house a bit on a day the sun wasn't so shiny.
 speaking of brightening things up... this girl sure brightens my days. she is totally into all things girly. like purses, dolls and jewelry.
here she is collecting her first piece of jewelry for the day but she'll be adding more...
i think that's a total of 4 necklaces. she is creative & unique for she likes to wear them on her arms instead of around her cute little neck. that doll in the background was mine when i was little & if you were to see her up close you wouldn't be surprised because she has the rattiest hair from all of her doll years her on earth & she seems to be missing her clothes too but annie can still pretend she's  her pretty baby doll.
when i was a little girl i played dress up & had fashion shows daily, i dreamed that someday like cinderella my prince charming would sweep me off my feet. 

& the things that brightened my days were always my family. my parents taught me that jesus was the only one who really could fulfill all of my desires because he loved me. so even when i face hard times i know he is always with me.
(above 3 photos via wanderings of a wannabe)
i can look back without regret & shamelessly!
 (above photo is my dad, annie & i all wearing our converse shoes, we didn't plan it)
so here's to a great weekend & a life lived without regret.


Phil and Bri said...

Cute!!!! Loved it all!! Your niece is adorable!! Oh and that yellow dish...perfect!

Linda Z said...

You are such an adorable romantic, Jamie!! :) Who gave you the yellow dish?

How did you expand your blog page? I've often thought about that, so that the pics would be bigger, but haven't ever figured out how! It looks really good on your blog! :)

The Parsons' blog said...

I love you, Jamie. This was so pretty and sweet. Your prince charming is out there. God knows who he is. And whoever he is, he is the most blessed man ever to be able to snatch up your heart. And can I please have Annie's shoes. My heart aches for pink converse so I can be like my girls. :) XOXO

ps - so what are you painting?? saw the paint chips.

Kirra Sue said...

loved it all jamie! and ditto to what sara said. your place is just adorable! such good taste lady! i can't wait to hear about your time with kim & erin.

Jamie said...

linda :) hi! i got myself that yellow dish (at one of our antique stores)... and i wish i could tell you how to get your blog to expand like mine BUT my very kind friend had to go into my account and do it for me. i couldn't figure it out. sorry i'm no help.

sara :) thank you friend! those are the colors i want to paint my bedroom, living room and bathroom. just don't know when i will get to it. can you believe i am already tired of my living room color ;) i bet you can!

and bri, linda, sara and kirra, i should probably consult all of you for color help. do you all want to come over and help me? maybe i will do a blog about it when i get ready to tackle my paint (the whole house) project. i know the colors i want it's just trying to find the perfect shade of that color that's tricky???

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jamers!! I love that you posted pictures of your house!! Seriously people Jamie's house is out of a magazine!!! Truly amazing!! I miss you as well my friend and wish we could do that a whole lot more often!! Know that I love you more than words can say!! I love that Annie girl too!! SOOOO yummy!!

The Parsons' blog said...

Jamie - I have a paint color for you. It's what I want to paint in my house (can you believe I want to repaint already??! - bet you can ;) It's a Devine paint color called Almond from their pacific trail mix. I think you'd like it, it kind of changes in different light, but it's pretty. My sister has it in her bedroom and I LOVE it. And I know the name kind of makes it seem like it will be in the brown tones, but it's not - it's in the blue/gray family with a touch of green. Hard to describe. Also another one I have in my house that you'd like is a Benjamin Moore color called Woodlawn Blue. It's soft and pretty, I have it in Stella's room and my powder room. I love to paint, I wish I could come over and help. xoxo

Jamie said...

kim- i love you!

sara i loved both those colors. i looked up the divine paint website and it was so cool. i love that almond color! woodlawn blue is so pretty too. do you have any pics of stella's room or your sis's bedroom? do you think i should do the blue/grey color in my living room or bedroom? thank you for giving me color ideas, i love it!!
ps. i love the hot pink converse! when i 1st saw annie in them i about died, she was so cute! you need a pair. i love you!

The Parsons' blog said...

Jamie - here's two pictures of Stella's room and the same color in the powder room. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of my sisters. Devine paint is nice, though. Just copy and paste these links and it should bring you to the right spot. xoxo


Erica.Michelle. said...

J! Your sense of design is AMAZING! I just got an anthro gift card and am going to Palo Alto today at lunch to use it and I totally thought of you : ) Wishing we could shop together! And i LOVE your bedding... love it.