Sunday, March 28, 2010


& as you already know I love them

sometimes i wish things were just free
like these branches i found around our property 
they're wild 
theyr'e huge 

i'd love to have some of these braches in my home

not sure where this photo is from?

or some beachy driftwood
elements of style

but for now i'll make do with my backyard finds

i love this bed
ashley raubach photography
& love this room 
allice lane home
see how the nightstands don't even match
the heights are varying of the lamps and the nightstands
but somehow it works
i really think when you design your home you have to make things work
because lets face it 
we can't always buy what we want
that's where creativity comes in
 & i believe everything doesn't have to match
it just has to flow like this bedroom
& kirra's bedroom (check it out here) is a great example of that
she just repainted her husbands nightstand
 & i think it looks great especially because it's a salvation army find
so she got real creative and made someone else's "throw-away" a treasure
her and her husbands treasure

kirra sue photography
see her nightstands don't match either but they don't have to
it looks so pretty

country living mag
elements of style
elements of style


Kirra Sue said...

jamie girl i am so honored! but girl you need to take my picture down- look at how silly it looks next to all those other pretty bedrooms!!!! :) you're so sweet. and i want to steal annie for a little bit- she is soooooo cute. so cute. and you my friend are tan. jealous. :) teach me again how to relax on the beach. it seems like that was a lifetime ago! xoxo

Jamie said...

kirra your bedroom looks so pretty it could be in a magazine because it's styled so well! your photography is so pretty too! i always think my stuff looks pale in comparison to magazine homes too. it's a problem i have! but yours is worthy!

Phil and Bri said...

I was on vacay when you posted! I love your decorating. Branches are so fun too! Everything you do has a special touch on it! I love it all!

jorden9879 said...

Love it! I love that blue pillow with the xoxoxoxox in it. How clever! Someday I want to come to your home town and hang out with you!!!