Thursday, March 25, 2010

my little corner of the world

arroyo grande is where i call home
the weather is usually perfect
75 degrees perfect
we like to call it paradise here
i never get used to living here....not EVER
you can find me some days at our local coffee shop
it's in a very cool historic building in the village downtown
usually filled with locals
i like to get away there to read and sip down some good ol' 
also in the village is my nephews favorite ice cream shop
also in a very cool historic building
there's a choo choo train that rides along a track high above to the top of the ceiling all around the store
it's a good place to go on a hot day or when you just need something sweet
we also have a very yummy bakery in the village
it's filled with home made treats and the best birthday cakes for special occasions
you'll also find a swinging bridge in th evillage that's super fun to cross with little ones

the village, andrein's, doc burnsteins 
photos not taken by jamie
eclair bakery

one of my favorite beach spots here is 
it's main attraction is 
the beach is in the cute little town of avila and the barn is on the way to the beach filled with animals, tasty treats, fruits and veggies, seasonal pumpkin patches, christmas tress, tractor rides etc
photos not taken by jamie
the next town over is san luis obispo
it's a college town with amazing victorian houses on the way to it's downtown shops and eateries
one of my favorite shops is 
the owner is the fabulous and kind 
she's a gem of a person and her shop is striaght out of a fairy-tale
the 1st time i went in i thought of peter pan
photos via local amazing photagrapher cameron ingalls

i really like visiting coffee shops
especially with my friends
my favorite coffee shop is 
located in san luis obispo
if anthropologie had a coffee shop i think it would like like sally loo's
the owners are adorable
they redid the shop all on their own and it's so pretty
i love to go there for some yummy waffles and to hear great music
not to mention they have really good coffee
the owners
photos via sally loos

that's just a small glimpse into my little corner of the world
kirra challenged me to show my world so if you feel like sharing yours then i say go for it
it's FUN


The Parsons' blog said...

can I come to your corner of the world please? xoxo

Kirra Sue said...

oh james thank you SO MUCH!!! i absolutely loved it and soaked up every word- and i must say- i am dying to visit!!!! it looks like paradise! and that coffee shop sounds perfect!!!!!! this was soooo fun! thanks for sharing your corner!!!! :)

Sally Loo's Cafe said...

SO honored to make your list! You are lovely and you make every corner that you are in brighter.
love jen

Tori said...

Can I come with Sara to your corner of the world?!?!?!?!? :)

Jamie said...

UMMMMM YESSSS girls please come visit me! sara, kirra & tori my door is always open for all of you!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

I am dying to spend an afternoon with you! Coffee, icecream.. and that shop..please?! xoxo

jorden9879 said...

I am sure everyone says this but I am coming! Nate and I always talk about the perfect place to live and you may have found it!!! I wish I could hop on a plane right now and come down. Maybe when this little one inside of me gets a bit older. Also I love the lolli pop song that plays, it makes me feel like I lived back when life was simple, people loved America and loved God.

Linda Z said...

Love all your photos and where we live, too! As long as God allows us to stay here, I will be forever grateful!! :) I didn't know about Sally Loo's and Paper Sky, since I don't get up to San Luis a lot these days, but they look so enticing... I'm going to have to visit!! :)

Phil and Bri said...

I love it alllll! Ditto to what all the girls said too! I want to visit! Thanks for sharing, I want to take the challenge soon and share my corner! :)

Jamie said...

all of you girls come see me!!

jordan it really is the "perfect" place to be. hop on that plane & bring the WA girls with you! you and nate can vacation here anytime.

linda sally loos is by the train station & you will love it!

pleated poppy said...

where is sally loo's??? that place looks to cute! how have i missed it?

Jamie said...

hey lindsey! sally loo's is by the train station in slo (1804 osos street) and you won't be disappointed!