Monday, February 15, 2010

my perfect VALENTINE recipe

is packed with 8 special ingredients: 

2 sprigs of perfect sunny weather
3 splashes of ocean waves
5 twist eewy gooey cinnamon roll
a cupful with the ones i love
1 boxed movie 'the holiday'
4 parts chocolate
1 cup of wine (or more if you prefer)
1 happy heart

mix them all together & you've got my kind of valentines day

here is what the weather looked like here today
i walked along the beach with the ones i love
it was perfect 
you could have laid out & gotten a suntan

we have a famous cinnamon roll bakery right next to the beach
old west cinnamon rolls
they are insanely good with cream cheese frosting about an inch high
i ate every last bite

 i  also watched the perfect movie
i love it because it's romantic & fun & the set design is like love to my eyes
i could live in that cottage 
it's so cozy
from the cottage decor to the cute little stairwell
every girl deserves her own study
& a open kitchen stocked with all your food needs
& a bedroom with a real fireplace
(& a man who will fill it & light it)
she looks so snug 
that's my idea of a good night cozied up in bed with lots of food & watching a good chick flick 
i want to take a million bubble baths in that tub
the holiday images via out now-ch

here is some sweet pink eye candy for you
krysta manthe photography
above pink images via we heart it
not sure where this lovely photo is from?

& here are my 2 valentines
judah with his valentine 
he asked her to marry him
that's what happens when your in 2 weddings by the time your 2
you already ask a girl to marry you


Phil and Bri said...

You are the cutest. I loved this post. Oh to be on that beach! We need a Cali trip soon! Thanks for the walk through that cottage, incredible. Will we ever get to that? :)

Jamie said...

bri, the weather here is incredible right now. you would love it! and guess what kim and erin are coming to see me soon. doesn't that movie make you want to do what they did? swap places with someone far away and take a vacation. i hope someday we will get to that cottage and all! i look forward to your next post, yes i do!

Linda Z said...

I love you cute, romantic thoughts! :) And I'd forgotten how cute that little cottage was!

jorden9879 said...

Ok I have been WAY behind on blogging and haven't seen them in awhile. My mom has Brooklyn right now and I am sitting hear alone reading your blog. I know kind of after the fact, but as I sit hear and cry after reading your post about pain and the past I can't help but think that you are so special and while I know God hates sin, I believe you have a message that will change the young kids lives that come to know you. I hope someday when Brooklyn gets old enough to make her own decisions that she has someone like you in her life that can propery share about life's ups and downs, God's grace, and just lend a simple, yet wise and understanding heart and ear to warn, encourage, and teach her. I know a mom is good for those things too, it is just that someone other than mom is so impactful. We certainly don't always like the decisions we make or things we go through but I believe these are the things God uses to make us humble, understanding of others, and therefore impactful in their lives. Thank you for sharing you blessed me today.

Phil and Bri said...

Hey you, I need your e-mail! I have bridal shower questions! :)

Jamie said...

jordan- here i am sitting here reading your comment for probably the 5th time and it still has such a profound effect on me the way it did the first time i read it (when you first sent it). i had meant to comment back to you that day but can't remember why i didn't now. what you said about brooklyn really impacted me. so much so, i am teary eyed as i think about your words of wisdom. i know every word of what you said spoke so truthfully to me. i just felt like God was speaking right through you to me. even getting your comment awhile later was so encouraging because i had time to really sift through my pain and see more cleary that yes, like you said, i have seen god's grace so cleary in my life because of what i went through in my past and it is a blessing i can share that with others. i pray brooklyn will know well the beautiful grace of god in her life in her most difficult times and in her best times. thank you so much for encouraging me jordan!

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