Sunday, April 25, 2010

silly faces on kelly circle drive

i have a ton of blogging to catch up on but for now since i don't have the time i'll share a memory with you and some pics to sum up what a fun spring it's been. 

when i was a little girl i lived in los angeles about 10 minutes away from grandma & grandpa's house. my brothers & i didn't play with our cousins like most kids did cause we didn't have any on my mom's side & our cousins on our dad's side lived pretty far away so we only saw them on special occasions. this fact never bothered us because my mom's brothers & sisters still lived at my grandpa & grandmas house since they were still in high school & grade school. they were super cool & fun and spoiled us until we were grown.  i remember many memories of big family dinners over there, getting together for 4th of july & lighting sparklers in the driveway, thinking they wore the coolest shoes called vans, watching my aunts get ready to go on a date, getting my nails painted & hair crimped, listening to my aunt's beastie boys album and giggling uncontrollably at my funny uncle jimmy. eventually we grew up & they had long since moved out of my grandma & grandpa's house. pretty soon they were starting families of their own. now i have 7 little cousins & one of them is getting ready to go to prom soon, while another is 10 going on 20 full of spunk & cute as a button.

this weekend we took a family trip down to LA &  made some good memories back on kelly circle drive on the very sidewalks i've played on since i was in pampers.    
it went from silly faces on the curb to dancing on the sidewalk.
such sweet cousin memories.


Linda Z said...

I love your fun new memories and your old ones, too!! Jason likes the "dancing on the sidewalk" the best! :)

The Parsons' blog said...

Jamie, you're cute and so our your cousins. I love your niece's silly face. :) I bet they are so happy to have a cousin/aunt like you. Cute. xox

Phil and Bri said...

I can't believe we were blogging about the same topic again...well the grandma part :) This is sooo cute!!

Joe, Erin, Drew, and Drake said...

what in the world, I want to squeeze annie's the diap pictures!! I miss you Jamers and love you so much!!