Wednesday, February 10, 2010

less words more pictures & dwelling on the good

i was more than blown away by all of the thoughtfulness, love and encouragement i received in light of my last post.

comes to mind

i am doing really good these days thanks to all the prayers, friends who love me, my family, those of you who called me, hung out with me, texted me and being able to dwell on scripture to clear all of the fogginess and allow my mind to dwell on truth.

the fog has lifted 
so i'll share with you some more of me but this time in the form of my personal space the place i like to call my home.

my kitchen in particular
i can't say i'm comfortable doing it but i know some friends have urged me to do it in the past so here goes. i  created some letters a few weeks back for my kitchen. the letters color palette were inspired by my friend sara's pretty apron (my heart was in love when i saw it)
so much so i wanted to drive straight to anthropologie in santa barbara to get one too.  i already have one from that pretty store so i practiced self control. i had sea blue in mind when i went to get mine and not too florally just simple. well i settled on the one i purchased and i love it too it's just not my 1st choice color wise.
did you notice my kitchen is missing a stove?
it also needs the kitchen sink hooked up. my dad said he would put those in for me before we hit the recession. times are hard so i will wait some more before my kitchen is complete.
i really do love my apron
i need to hang mine from this hook (that i've had forever), just haven't done it yet
just because i don't have a working kitchen doesn't mean i don't have a obsession with dishes

thanks again for all of your prayers


The Parsons' blog said...

Oh Jamie, I'd come eat in that kitchen of yours ANY day - with all those pretty I feel so honored that you used my pictures. I'm blushing. :) You can come to my house and borrow my apron whenever you want - there are so many pretty ones there it's hard to choose. Good for you on practicing self-control because your apron is really really great! I'm so glad the fog has lifted for you. I am always amazed at how awesome our God is. Sometimes I can get caught up in the past and old sins, too and be disgusted by how ugly I was and sometimes am. But PRAISE THE LORD that our debts were paid at the cross. It's so hard to fathom because we'll never forget what we've done but the Lord promises are sins are forgotten. as far as the east is from the west....amazing. XOXO

Jamie said...

sara, wow! thank you for yet another great reminder of god's greatness and the cross. seriously you do not know how much it means to me to hear you struggle too with the past (not because misery loves company) but for me i think it brings a freedom to my thoughts. i really have thought it was just me for so long. i heard a great sermon on trials tonight and it really helped me. it said you've gotta embrace your trials and that god is never more close to us then when we go through them. when we embrace them it brings us closer to him. i realized that's exactly the purpose for this time and that for me is enough. i love you!

Sandhya said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going better this week after all the encouragement you recieved from your sisters in Christ. I read you post and prayed for you often (even though I didn't comment). I was burdened by your saddness and am glad to hear the cloud has lifted. God is good to those who are focused on trusting Him even in the trying times. He will be your strength and your peace in times of loneliness and saddness. You are such a sweet girl and one with obvious good taste in decor :) Thanks for sharing your struggles and joys with all who read your blog!

Jamie said...

Sandhya- i am so thankful for you. every memory i have of you at master's is such a sweet & happy one. sappy i know but true. i am grateful for your prayers, what a blessing that you were praying for me and now you too are keeping me focused on what is true. your such an encouragement to me! i know if we lived closer we'd be grabbing coffee together.

Phil and Bri said...

I especially love how you stacked your canisters. So cute and clever. Everything looks great. I love the 'old' charm of your cabinets being rounded. Such a pretty place! Thanks for showing us your is my favorite place in the whole house!

Happy Valentines Day Jam!!