Sunday, February 15, 2009

He's my Valentine

XOXOXO , my darling

Love, Auntie

I made Judah a virtual mixed tape for Valentine's

and one for you

to show my love

you guys can make them too!
& we can all re-live our love for mixed tapes
to bad they don't really play 80's music
check out my nephew singing to his momma and baby sister for valentine's, just click on the link below:


The Parsons' said...

Jamie that video clip of your nephew was HILARIOUS!!!!!! I laughed. So cute. I love the picture of you and him too. So I'm not sure what the tapes do, are they supposed to play a song??? Hope you're doing good! Love ya!

Jamie said...

Sara,I am glad you enjoyed the video of Judah. I too think he is stinkin HILARIOUS!!! Sorry but the tapes aren't so cool as to play a song, but that would be awesome! I just really liked the visual appeal of being able to see an old school tape agian. It's basically just pretend.

The Parsons' said...

Shoot, I thought that if you clicked them they were going to play some sweet 80's music ;) The tapes are cool though, I agree...brings back many memories!! Thanks for your sweet comment Jamie. I love Sean, it's true :)

Jamie said...

That would be so cool, now I want to hear some sweet 80's music for example; lady in red, micky, 8675-309, eternal flame, girls just wanna have name a few! Today (my day off) would be the perfect day for me to come over for some of that coffee!!

Linda Z said...

You are so cute, Jamie! :) The 80's were a fun time! And I love the pic of you and Judah. You are such a beauty! :)

bandelle said...

Awww, so sweet. And thank you for your incredibly thoughtful message on Facebook. That's what I love about blogging -- meeting wonderful people like yourself.


Cherie Baker Vann said...

that is the sweetest valentine's story I've ever heard!! I want a card from Jonah :) haahhaha So happy that you are happy Jamie!! I mean hey, you COULD be being accused of trying to kill your husband! :)

Jamie said...

HA HA so funny Cherie, I read your great story about todd and his alergy to down, I am laughing!

Kirra Sue said...

Jamie you are the cutest blogger I know- are you kidding with all the fun collages? I love it- esp. the mixed cute! :) I love your playlist too! And Judah? He is as adorable as a button!