Sunday, February 22, 2009


pretty in pink
2 months old
cared for & loved by her brother
a boy is already trying to hold her hand,oh no!
judah turned 2 this monthcomplete with a baseball cake
party at the children's museum in
downtown san luis obispo
being an aunt to judah and annie makes me giddy inside. through their lives i find

joy in the everyday. to be able to see their faces light up when they smile brings

laughter to my heart. it's like the whole world changed the day judah was born and

all of the sudden it instantly became a better place. brighter, more cheerful, more

delightful. my heart grew and then annie was born and it grew more. now my heart

is extra large. i can rejoice in these two gifts the lord has given to my family and i. i

am thankful to be here today. content with what the lord has given to me so

generously. thank you lord for this life with these two children! my heart is full!

Happy 2nd year of your life Judah
you are a little rockstar
& i am your biggest fan


The Parsons' blog said...

SO sweet Jamie! I know I've told you this a thousand times, but I'm betting you are one of the best aunts ever!!

I just clicked on the 'I read Nie Nie' crazy, she is the one I got the silhouette idea from! Wow, what a story she has. Amazing.

rae events said...

these little ones are so precious. and i completely agree with you...i remember the day charis told me she was pregnant and i just about thought nothing better in life could happen. then when ethan was born i couldn't even begin to put words as to how my heart felt. since then my heart has expanded with each sweet baby and i never knew i could love like that. you are the best aunty...i just know it. i love this post and i love these pictures.

Jamie said...

Sara- that is how I found her, from your silhouette tutorial. I love her writing and how much she loves her hubby and her children, truly inspiring!

Sara and Rachel, thanks for the great auntie compliments!!!! I feel loved!

Linda Z said...

You have such a beautiful heart, Jamie! :) Your niece and nephew are so blessed to have you for an aunt!! :)

Jamie said...

Thank you Linda for your sweet words of encouragement!

jorden9879 said...

Jamie I bet you are the coolest auntie! What awesome pics of the kids. Annie is so sweet. I love the pics of Judah with no clothes only shoes!!!