Monday, August 04, 2008

Sara's Cute Sign

My talented friend Sara made me the cutest sign for my bathroom. Thanks Sara, I love it so much.
She also made this one for her friend Kirra....Beautiful!
Don't you love them?


Travis Avila said...

i thought up about 40,000 jokes about the 5 cent bath sign, but i decided against all of them

Kirra Sue said...

Oh! I love the bath sign!!!! So cute!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with Erin and Drakie! You are just gonna LOVE him!!! Give Drew a big kiss for me! :)

Jamie said...

Travis, that's funny. I would love to hear your jokes about the sign. My friend Sara's husband took the sign in literal terms too...I guess that's one of the differences between guys and girls.

Kirra, I will give Drew a big kiss from you.

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jamie I love your sign. Sara you are quite amazing!

Linda Z said...

Cute! I just saw some other signs here:

You'd probably really like her blog... she does really cute things.