Wednesday, June 25, 2008

this one's for Jesus

thank you Lord Jesus that you mend me. ever since i was a little girl you have always

taken care of me and brought me comfort when I needed you. thank you for rescuing

me and saving me. thank you for leading me and gently clearing my way all my

life. Lord their is no one like you in all this world. i hope i always treasure you as you

have treasured me.
here I am Lord
i am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her.
so to all of my beautiful single girlfriends, leah, melissa, kristie, kit, and schlenker - remeber he will
allure you and he has not forgotten his promises to you.


The Avilas said...

love you girl-


Jenny Schlenker said...

thank you, thank you... I needed that sweeet friend. I needed a reminder to switch my focus after a full day of working hard and moving on my own, packing up, feeling too independant for my own good at time... Jesus Speak to my heart... speak tenderly and allure this heart of mine. I love you dearly.... let's press in, trust and love this broken world together... let's be the pieces that represent wholeness. I love you dearly.....

Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

Jamie, that was a very sweet post.

So I'm thinking the 10th will actually be a good day. I'll be in Santa Clarita that day and I would love to meet up, even if it's for just a couple minutes! Where ever works good for Kim too, with her having the new baby and all, let me know. Can't wait! Love, Sara

Erica said...

Love it!

Catalina said...

jamers, you're so great and i love you. i think heath, jovial and i will be at the beach maybe next weekend or the one after that. think we could see you? we would love it!

Wendy Penberthy said...

jamie... when are you coming to visit?? we miss you!

Wendy Penberthy said...

Jamie... I know you are away right now but we would love to see you when you get home. hope you are having fun in costa rica!