Saturday, January 30, 2010

Before & After- white dresser

Today I learned how to drill and measure. My Dad taught me. He's so helpful. He's also a handyman...... which by the way I hope to marry me one of those someday.

I bought some new handles for my dresser in hopes to spruce it up a bit

well kinda
i forgot to take a picture before we started
Now all it needs is some fresh paint

Here is some house inspiration

I can't say I am the hugest Valentines day fan but I don't dislike it either
what I really like is the all the pink
and that kids get to have a party where they exchange friendship notes

here's some pink with a little love mixed in to get you thinking about all those peeps you love most in this world

photo credits-not taken by jamie


Phil and Bri said...


Those pulls are the best, great choice! I love making old things new again!! Your inspiration pics are awesome. You just solved a major decorating issue I have had. In my entry way are a bunch of hooks...and it just so happens that I found a OVER SIZED rusty key at Marshall's like a year ago! I have tried to put it multiple places and it hasn't worked at all. Above my hooks a key will reside tomorrow :) THANKS!!!


Jamie said...

Bri!!! I always want to use exclamations cause i get so excited. I erased some of my pics cause i thought it was too busy what i posted but it somehow erased more than i wanted it to. i am going to try to put them back up and now i am so glad you found inspiration. proof i should just stick to my 1st insticts.

Jamie said...

Bri- if you get a chance I would love to see a picture of your key above your hooks, i can just imagine how good it will look!

Linda Z said...

I like how your dresser came out, and I love that you have a white gumball machine!! :)

Where do you find your beautiful landscape and seascape paintings?

Jamie said...

linda thanks, i found those paintings at our village antique stores. actually i think i bought both of those at the huge tin one (i forget what it's called but it's the biggest one as your leaving the village towards the country). and my gumball machine was a steal at goodwill. it's fun finding treasures!

The Parsons' blog said...

I tried leaving a comment awhile ago but blogger was being a bugger. So I'm back.
First - love the dresser pulls. I too need to add hardware to my dresser. It's been missing some for ages. I was at Anthro and had my hands full of knobs but then my eye spotted something else ;) So I still need some.

second - I LOVE that you have a gumball machine. If I came over I'd enjoy with a ball of gum.

third - I love all the inspirations. I could look and look for hours and hours...yet my walls are still bare...sigh...

Love ya!

The Parsons' blog said...

uhhh...i seem to be unable to write - i meant I'd enjoy myself a piece of gum! :)

Jamie said...

Sara! love you and well, how encouraged am i right now with what you said and everyone else! i hear you with anthro and having to choose what to buy when all of that store is calling your name.

i'll be over to help you change out your hardware soon and then we'll go to my place after for some gumballs and tea!

Jamie said...

oh and those knobs were so cheap at orchard supply hardware. seriously less than 2 bucks each. anthro why don't you do that?

Sandhya said...

I always love looking at your sweet decorating ideas. You have great taste and I love how you put it all together. Great job with the the pulls!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

I love the dresser Jam!! YOu have such a gift friend!!! I can't wait to see it in person in about a month!!!! I am so excited to come see you!!!!! I love you friend!!

Kirra Sue said...

so cute jamie! i love it! and as always- i have so much fun with your playlist! the other day i was rocking out to in your eyes and taylor was cracking up at me! i love that song! :) and i love how you put "photo credit not taken by jamie" love!!!

Jamie said...

sandhya, kim, kirra- i am feeling pretty good about my dresser now. i seem to look at everything i have and just think it's so so. it's a bad habit of mine.

kim i can't wait!!! it's going to be epic!

kirra i laughed thinking about you dancing and taylor laughing! thank you for the mental picture!!

i love all of you!

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

The dresser looks fantastic!!!

Morgan said...

I love the mirrors in the bathroom! Such great inspiration.