Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have a new baby Niece!!!

The Hill family has a new addition:

Annaleigh Marie Hill
Arrived- December 11, 2008
9 pds 2 oz
Absolutely adorable and so beautiful
She has the best big brother, he loves her sooo muchGigi and baby Annie (I love her lips, she gets them from her mama)
Papa and baby Annie (she will be loved)
He's no longer the baby
I am absolutely in HEAVEN when I am with her
She sleeps so well!
Annie with her Mom
One happy family

She has the same middle name (Marie) as my Grandma, my Mom and me. Love it!

May the Lord bless you and keep you Annaleigh Marie- May His face shine upon you. We love you so much!


summer... said...

hi jamie... congrats of the new little niece. she is beautiful. give me a call soon. lets go to coffee. hope you are doing good. summer

Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

Ummm... 9lbs of complete yummy-ness! I love those chubby cheeks! She looks so sweet Jamie. Congrats on being an aunt of two :)

Taylor & Kirra said...

Congratulations to your family! How exciting to have a new niece! I love her name- precious!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jamers.. Annaleigh is oh so yummy!! I love her dark hair! The picture of you and her is priceless! I love her and I love you! Have a wonderful Christmas!

jorden9879 said...

What a precious little girl. I love the picture with you and Annaleigh. Cute name too! Brooklyn has those PJ's, thank the Lord for little girls!!!!

rachel trigueiro said...

congratulations!! isn't there something so indescribably precious about a baby niece? i can hardly handle myself when i am around my 2 nieces. i know you are the best auntie ever. merry christmas. we love you guys!! :)

Joe, Erin, Drew, and Drake said...

I totally teared up when I saw the pics of you and Annaleigh she is truly blessed to have you in her life. I can't wait until you have your first baby, can I please be there?! It will be amazing!
Love you and miss you!