Sunday, August 08, 2010

Best life EVER

Hey remember me? The blogger who made you wait a super long time before she showed you the wedding and shower from her last sneak peak. How unfair! Well I will just get straight to it then......

Brianne & Brandon's Garden Wedding
(I took the final 4 pics, pretty obvious i know :) Chloe's would be much better)
Krista's Vintage Bridal Shower (DIY-do it yourself)
Bride to be Krista with Kirra , her beautiful sister who threw her bridal shower
Kirra I had so much fun planning with you & you my dear are darling!

This next wedding wasn't featured in my sneak peak but I helped with it back in early summer. It was a total DIY and it was featured on the wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes because my friends Rico & Rachel Castillero are awesome photogs. Click link to check it out.
Vanessa & Chris's Old Spanish Style Wedding
(they are the happiest couple)
Vanessa and I put our heads together and designed and created the 'just married' banner out of burlap & lace
and the table seating board too (we had a blast making it and there was metallic spray paint everywhere)
Anthropologie bridesmaid dress
(Studio Castillero Photography)

It's so fun to be apart of the design and creative process that goes into people's special days. I really have the best life ever!
(if you want to see more pics just click on the photography links)


The Avilas said...

It is without a doubt what you are made to do. Beautiful!

Phil and Bri said...

oh to do my wedding all over again... :) you would be hired! Such beautiful pics to look through too! I missed your blogging missy. :)

Jamie said...

oooh girls i LOOOOVE your words. makes my heart smile!

Catalina said...

umm, jamie, those pics are amazing. that wedding looked amazing and you are a genius! call me this week!

Jamie said...

cat blair i am calling you this week my love!

Anonymous said...

jamie... you need to start a busines.

jorden9879 said...

You are very talented. Those weddings were seriously amazing. I have not seen anything quite like it before. I could look at those pictures all day. I love you blue dress, you are so cute. My brother is getting married next summer and I want to give my soon to be sister in law a shower. Will you come help me, hehe. AMAZING

Jamie said...

jordan i'd love to help you! in a heartbeat i would jump on a plane to your pretty wa state........although i know you will make it the cutest shower all on your own without me in the mix. i would just love to get creative with you! we'd come up with some PRETTY-NESS together!

The Parsons' blog said...

umm... I can't believe I haven't commented?! Everything is MAGICAL jamie! So so so wonderful. You do amazing work and need to start a business pronto. You hear me?! ;) OK, and I noticed your header and the photo of your niece and I HAVEN'T edited those pictures yet!?! I'm so lame. Don't give up on me yet. I'll work on them soon...sorry, Jam. XO

Jamie said...

sara, i haven't given up on you at all and not ever. i know you have plenty of photos to edit and mix in a vacation and 3 kids home for the summer and you are one busy girl. i wasn't worried at all. besides i want to paint my walls again before i hang my pics but not sure which will happen first, the painting or the hanging?? love you girl! xo~ jam

Rhi said...

I was wanting to re-create a seating board like this! Would you be able to give me any handy hints/tips? x

Jamie said...

it's super easy. here's what you will need:

-empty frame
-foam board (i think that's what it's called)
-decorative tacks
-doilies (mine were smaller than the standard size)
-spay paint (i used metallic)

cut out the foam board (we used an exacto knife)to fit the size of the wooden frame cover the foam board with vintage lace. spay paint the doilies then tack them to the board.

hope that helps :)