Tuesday, October 06, 2009

She's a Beauty

Queen in brown & white polka-dots

and she sure is growing cuter by the minute.
i used lots of saturation on this one of annie-girl.
yes, katie! let's enter her in the gap baby contest.
how could they resist her & her sweetness!
i love my sweet niece, yes i do!
p.s. erin these are especially for you since you think she is just as precious as i do


The Parsons' blog said...

She's a beauty alright! I love her big blue eyes. So pretty. She's blessed to have you as her aunt, Jamie. xx

Soderin Family said...

beautiful just like her auntie and mommy!

dandee said...

she is a doll. those blue eyes are the sweetest!

Jorden said...

I have no computer, bit the dust so I have been out of the loop on blogs. it was fun to click on yours and see your sweet neice and you!!!