Monday, April 13, 2009

Spoiled with Love

Yep, I pretty much got spoiled on my birthday!! Spoiled with lots of time with my close friends and family. Treated to dinner, desserts, breakfast, lunch, coffee and Italian sodas, sister Katie made me the sweetest birthday cake, my dad made me brownies, mmmm mmmmm yummyness!! Judah helped me blow out my birthday candle (thank goodness it's just one these days) and make my birthday wish! My Mom took me shopping in Santa Barbara (our tradition). Anthropologie was my main destination. I am obsessed, to say the least, with that store! It proved to be worth all my love and adoration!
I could live in that store!

Butter dish
Dish Towels
Pepper Grinder
Thank You Anthro
You Never Disappoint
Vintage like Cake Plates
Thank You Martha @ Macy's


The Parsons' blog said...

I'm drooling over all your things! Seriously, drooling. Love, love, love them ALL!!! I'm so glad you had a special birthday Jam! You deserve it. Very cute pictures!

Sandhya said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like such a fun day...and I LOVE all your sweet presents!

rae events said...

#1 - ok, seriously?! could you be any cuter?!? are THE cutest thing i have ever seen in that hat. i can hardly stand it. you are gorgeous.

#2 - did you GET all of those things in the picture?! or is that at the actual store? i totally can't tell because it is set up so perfectly!!! *swoon* i loooove all that stuff!!!! i wish i could come play house with you. :)

i love you!!! happy happy happy belated birthday dear sweet friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Rach- Thank you for the sweetest compliments! Yes, I did get all of the goodies in the pictures and yes, it is all in my kitchen. To think you couldn't tell is a huge compliment!!! BUT the store looks even more swoonworthy!