Thursday, March 12, 2009

Retro Red Mortorcycle

Wow...Niiice! Judah says, while riding his Motorcycle, as he likes to call it. Isn't he so cool?

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Judah pointed out the "pretty flowers" while we were driving home. To which I replied, do you know who else is pretty, baby Annie. Then all on his own, he said, and Mommy and Jamie. Then I said, who else? Of course, he said, Gigi! He makes my day!

Has anyone else been eating way too much of these yummy cadbury eggs too!!?? And it's not even close to Easter yet!!!!

My college roomie, Erin introduced me to these small tastes of heaven and I've been hooked ever since. Good thing they only stock them seasonally once a year.


The Parsons' blog said...

First of all, I LOVE that he calls it a motorcycle. That is so what Jonah would say too! Love that. Secondly, oh Easter candy...yep, we already went through a whole bag of the whopper robins eggs. Those are my favorite. But I am also am a big fan of the cadbury eggs too. Yum. Our church puts on a huge egg hunt after the service - like more than 1000 eggs (our church is small, so egg to child ratio is in favor of the kids ;). I look forward to it, yet I dread it because that just means loads of candy sitting in my house wanting me to eat them. It's trouble really!

Linda Z said...

That's a great bike!! :)

Cole introduced me to those eggs a couple years ago and they are very dangerous. I'm scared to buy any.

Cherie Baker Vann said...

Nice Ride Dude!!! :)

jorden9879 said...

Ok love the bike and secondly love those chocolate candy eggs. My friend just brought me a bag. I told her to never do that again. I ate the whole thing in less than a week.