Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today is such a HAPPY day because my friend Kim had her baby last night and he is perfectly healthy. His name is Cooper. I can't wait to see him. Congratulations Kollmann Family!
I celebrated my 31st Birthday with my family and friends a few weeks ago and it was so fun! It seemed to last forever and I felt so loved. I think being in my thirties is the best. I love it and am looking forward to what is ahead.

Jen and Melissa, my good friend Leah is in the other pics
I don't have yet. They took me to breakfast to a place I
love to eat at.

Julie, Jocelyn and Jenn treated me to dinner at my
favorite Italian Restaurant (Guisseppe's My choice)

Me and my Pretty Mom

My lovely Brothers

My Dad and Judah

Judah loved my Birthday cake!

Gigi and Judah at Yanagi's Sushi another place I love to
eat at. I love to eat!


Soderin Family said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! I hope you had a wonderful day. Looks like you are loved by many...not a surprise!


Wendy Penberthy said...

you look like you had a great birthday Jamie!! I love your fun pictures! I saw little Cooper today, he is beautiful! come see all of us soon!

Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

Happy belated 31st Birthday! 30 flirty and thriving...:) You look amazing Jamie, so glad you had a fun day! Tell Kim K congrats from us if you talk to her any time soon!!

James, Reese, Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!!!! I hope you had a great day!! Glad you are excited about being in your 30's. Tell Kim congrats on the little addition!!!

Colleen said...

Jamie! I LOVED seeing you too and meeting up for lunch. It's been way too long since we've hung out in person. That was a few days after your birthday right? I can't believe I didn't get a picture of you and my boys :( I'll be back again though! Love you friend! -Colleen

Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

I commented back to you on my blog, but I'm not sure you'll get it so I thought I'd write on yours too. I'd love to make you one. Just tell me how long you think, then one I made is 32" and I did it a dark brown, do you want a lighter shade than this, or darker??
love, sara