Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lo Boheme- Vintage Inspired Hairwear And Accesories

Hi everyone! I haven't been able to catch up on my favorite blogs in soooo long but I am back and starting tonight I will be doing some much needed catching up (on your blogs) and telling you about Lo Boheme, one of my favorite sites for vintage inspired hair pieces.

Shop owner- Lauren

 pic via lauren's fb page
She designs the most beautiful hair pieces for women and young women (even little girls) to wear for very special occasions. If you live in California, have gotten married in the last few years or our in the wedding industry you are sure to have heard of Lo Boheme and you know the magic her hair pices will do for your hair. I love that each piece has a vintage look to it. It makes you look timeless and yet so perfect for today's look.

I recently styled our company photo shoot for Mike Larson Inc. It was so fun because Lauren of Lo Boheme sponsored our shoot. Each of us had our choice of lovely hair pieces to wear.  The hardest part was picking which one because they were all so pretty. Here are all of us wearing ours.

 last 2 pics via mike larson photography
I loved the colors in my piece. It had hints of teal blue and turquoise feathers. LOVE! Now go check out her site and I DARE you not to fall IN LOVE.


Tori said...

Jamie - That is so cute! I love that last picture! You're a model! Those hair pieces are really cute. Have a super weekend in Cally! :)

Mike Larson said...

love this, thanks for doing an amazing job styling our shoot!

Jamie said...

Tori! come to Cally and see us Californians!

Mike, thank you for making my job so amazing to do!

Bri said...


Just wanted to say that I love your blog and your style, and I had no idea you were styling for Mike Larson Inc.! Sooo fun! What a wonderful picture of some wonderful people! :)

Hope you are doing well!

Love, Bri
(Of Brandon & Bri's wedding in AG/friend of Danae)

The Parsons' blog said...

well aren't you like the cutest thing in the world. So fun, jamie. You create beauty, my friend. xo

Jamie said...

Bri, i am so happy to see you on here! i can't wait to follow your blog. i am so glad you stopped by to say hi. thank you :)!!! i will always remember how beautiful and fun your wedding was. always.

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing. My sister is getting married this summer and I'll show her these!

My in laws went to Reality on Sunday and LOVED it. They said Britt did an amazing job...always praying for Daisy.

Joe, Erin, Drew, and Drake said...

uhhhh what can I say, I miss you terribly. You are pretty but you already knew I think that (: and um love the hair pieces, I really love the one you picked, all my fav colors..... Drake just walked up and pointed to the pic of you and said, I want to see that pretty dress....look at her pretty hair???!!!! really he is so sweet my 2 yr old is getting so big, don't like it.

Jamie said...

ahh erin, i loved that. drakie is a sweetheart. guess what? i am here with ty and jaden and they want me to tell you they want to see drew, drake and jaxon REALLY bad. we miss you so much auntie erin (jaden said that)! love, jamie, ty and jaden

jorden9879 said...

Jamie yes the hair pieces are amazing, but seriously the shoot you styled was impressive. I want to throw a baby shower for Bri and I wish i had tons of money to fly you up here and hire you to make it the baby shower of a life time. You are amazing!!! And adorable!