Thursday, September 17, 2009


Have you ever felt like the days aren't long enough for all that you want to accomplish? That if you could, you would just create an extra day of the week or two just to do laundry, clean the house and do anything but what you are expected to do??? I would love one whole day just to spend time with my friends and if that day isn't long enough just add another day to that. Sometimes I wish, I wish, I wish..................and then really deep down I just know each of my days are perfect in length and time. I can just relax because really none of what I am stressing out about is as big as it seems in my head at the moment. It will all work out.......and then I realize I just need to wait it out. Soon my days will seem longer, soon.

Just like they were when my family and I went on a trip to Yosemite. Katie's little brother was married there in that beautiful place to his beautiful wife and the beautiful ceremony was officiated by my brother.

It was there that the days were filled with family time, hikes and God's creation at it's peak. Best of all no cell phone reception and no Internet. It was blissful!

Are you ready to go on a trip with the Hill Family?

Annie was the flower girl and she wore the cutest brown and green tutu I may have ever seen

Judah was the ring bearer and thought his suit was called a wetsuit. Once he was told it was what big boys wear he was persuaded to wear it.

Daniel (Katie's little brother) and Jessica

I hope you enjoyed it!

OH and have I told you how much I love your blog comments. Since I haven't been blogging I've missed that. So don't be shy and if you found my blog through a mutual friend we have or we went to school together, I would love to know you are out there. I'm sure I've stumbled across your blog at some point too. I'm really pretty friendly and I love being encouraged and encouraging others!


Anonymous said...

Glad to be the first to comment! It is great to see you and your families beautiful faces. And to see a reminder of California. Hope you are doing great! Blessings Leah Stanzel

Tori said...

Jamie - Beautiful pictures! I love yosemite! Glad you had a such a blissful trip! Your dress was super cute!

Sandhya said...

How fun! I'm sure the wedding was georgeous in Yosemite. The sky is always amazing and the enourmous rocks and waterfalls are such a great reminder of our Creator. We love going there and make a yearly trek every year with our friends. And yes, it would be nice to have an extra day just set aside to spend with friends!

The Schmidts said...

Looks like you had a great time! What a beautiful place to get married! Love Rhiannon

The Parsons' blog said...

Yay!! You're back. I love the pictures, Jamie. Beautiful place and beautiful family. And I totally agree about wishing for an extra day to do just that - get extra stuff done. Miss you!

love, Sara

Philip and Brianne Seston said...

Hi Jamie, my name is Bri! I am friends with Jorden and live by her in Puyallup. That is how I found your blog. Right from the get go I loved your design and style. So beautiful! I have been missing your posts by the way :) So get to it! Ha! Hope you have a great weekend!

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

Love the pics... agree on needing some more days and hours... I don't have your email.

Jamie said...

Thank you for all of your awesome comments Tori, Sandhya, Rhiannon, Sara and Reese!!! So encouraging!

Leah- I was so excited to hear from you! I am glad you can keep connected to us central ceasters way over here. I hope Hungary is treating you and your family well. Do you have a blog? If so, I need to follow it :) God's blessings right back to you!

Bri- I was waiting to hear from you. YAY, I am so excited! I bet we would have been friends if we went to college together. Love that you know Jordan and especially that you live in puyallup....cause that is an awesome town name. I can't wait to follow your blog! Tell Jordan hi from me when you see her.

Linda Z said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! I haven't been to Yosemite in ages... it's such an incredible display of God's creastion. Glad you were able to have a respite and family time!

Erica.Michelle. said...

beautiful pictures! Love them Jamie!

Jen Schlenker said...

crazy, my parents got married at teh wawona hotel and that is were i am getting married!

Jamie said...

Linda & Erica, your comments are wonderful! xo

Jen, I love that you are getting married at the Wawona! I love it there it's so pretty. I was wondering if they did weddings there. Katie's brother actually was married at the Tenaya. xo