Monday, July 06, 2009

a tour of my hometown

this is the village of arroyo grande it's about 2 miles from my house. it's the cutest little downtown full of quaint little local owned shops and eateries. i love to get a iced vanilla latte & a cinnamon roll in the morning at andreini's coffee shop. i have to practice self control to not go there every morning.
montana de oro is a beautiful state park with beautiful hikes and lovely views of the ocean (it's a bit of a drive but so worth it). the water is a bright aqua blue, practically see-through & it's breathtaking. i love to visit here with my friends.
shell beach is so amazing! it's a small beach town with lots of quirky locals and another one of my favorite coffee shops, the steaming bean. they make great breakfast burritos too! my dad practically lives there since he has been developing lots of homes there (which are so beautiful)! my friends always tell me they saw my dad in shell beach.
this is avila beach. i love it, it's by far my favorite beach here! we used to visit it when we lived in the valley on our summer vacations. i also love surfing & judah is my favorite little surfer!
i love the beach and seashells and anything that has to do with the ocean! i feel so blessed to call this place my home. even better that my family is close by too.
my grandma hill visited us from oregon and we celebrated her birthday. she is the cutest and so full of life!
we also celebrated my moms birthday at our favorite italian restaurant, guiseppe's
annie and gigi
the hill girls
my brother joey
i tried on my sister katie's sunglasses because i love them...but she looks way better in them than i do.

i hope you enjoyed the little tour of my hometown! please come visit me and my family here my friends. we would love to have you over!


Sandhya said...

What a beautiful place to call home! Thanks for the tour...I would love to go there sometime. Oh, and your family is so beautiful!

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

Thanks for the tour!!! Love the town!!

Joey, Katie, Judah and Annie said...

Loved the post. How easy is it to take this place for granted! We are so blessed to call it home. Especially because my wonderful family lives here!

bandelle said...

Your hometown looks so dreamy. I long for the days when I lived close to the water. A walk along the beach ALWAYS clears my head and puts me at ease. I wish I could meet you for coffee at Andreini's!

P.S. Love Katie's sunglasses. They look great on you too :)


The Parsons' blog said...

Sign me up! :) I'd love to visit!!!

ps - I never got back to you about Seattle. It's about 2 hrs from Anacortes (where you take the ferry to Friday Harbor). Then an hour and half ferry ride. I know, it's a trek, but it's worth it ;)

Jamie said...

Kylie- coffee with you would be so much fun!

Sara- it would be worth the trek for me. I would totally do it! I love riding the ferry too!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

I love Arroyo Grande! I love the Hill family! And I love you! You do truly live a beautiful little town. Chris always says he would love to live in your town! Love you friend!

jorden9879 said...

Wow! Doesn't get more beautiful then that, at least on earth. Hard to believe heaven will be much more beautiful then that! Love the tour. WIsh I could come right now

The Murphy Family said...

Hey Girl! I wish I would have stumbled upon your blog about 2 weeks ago... we just passed through Arroyo Grande and I would have loved to have known some great places to stop. We did the Oceano dunes and drove on the beach, then went back to our vacation spot in Solvang. Hope you're doing well... we'll get in touch next time we head up your way!

Jamie said...

Hi Jeanette! I would love to give you some good vacay spots to stop and see next time you are in town. I tried to get to your blog to comment but I couldn't. I have visited your cute blog before though, before you guys went private. I am thinking of going private too, we'll see. Hopefully you will see my comment and we can get in touch next time you guys visit.

rachel said...

jamie... i loved this little tour! i really love arroyo grande, it truly is one of the quaintest little towns! :) i had to tell you (if i didn't already, lol) that arroyo grande is where i bought my wedding dress, and montana de oro is where josh and charis got engaged! its a special place for sure!! i love you and all your beautiful pics!