Friday, May 22, 2009

currently loving

(click image to enlarge)

i heart pretty kitchens that incorporate 

soft hues of sea blue

i love cake plates in mass quantities

old fashioned stoves

pastry shops that have an old time feel 

with huge counter tops to display yummy treats

living and dining rooms that you

can relax in because of their soothing

beachy themes and hues

when it comes to fashion navy and purple

 and pinstripes make my heart swoon

( images via bandelle blog, bliss blog and a few others I can't seem to remember)


The Parsons' blog said...

I love this post Jamie and I love the collage. I would like the dress please, thanks ;) I too love pinstripe. Every time I see it in a store I go to it. Gap has some cute pants...maybe I need them ;)

Cute header too!!! You're so cute and creative I can't stand it. Love you!!

jorden9879 said...

You Move Me by Susan Ashton was playing when I entered your blog. I my goodness I love that song, it reminded me of college, WOW. Really cute post. Your blog is like a day dream

Jamie said...

Sara, I love that you love pinstripes too!I I went and looked online at those cool pants. I had seen the pinstripe shorts before but not the pants. They are even better! I want some too!

Jordan, oh my goodness when I put it on my blog last night a flood of college memories came to my mind ( I absolutely love her songs and think of Masters instantly). I got teary eyed just listening to her sing. My memories of those times are so amazing for me especially in a spiritual sense of my time with the Lord in those days. I sometimes wish I could always be on fire like I was back then. Being filled with chapel, bible classes and church messages so constantly was so good for me!!! I'm glad we share that bond.

summer... said...

so cute jamie. you paint such a happy picture.