Friday, January 02, 2009

a year in pictures
some of my favorite people
good friends
cute babies
fun memories
can't wait for more
happy new year

(I was feeling creative and wanted to add this)

(I would so wear this outfit in 09')

(I would love to get cozy, sip tea and relax right there)


Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

Jamie, I love your new header! And what a cute collage of cute faces. God bless you this new year :)!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jamie, I love your picture collage. So sweet that you put pictures up of the kiddos too! They love their auntie Jamie!!! Love you and we'll talk about when we can come up!!

leah-prendez said...


you are so wonderfully talented, beautiful, wise, and fun! i am so blessed to have you as my friend.

love you!

rachel trigueiro said...

i love you. you are precious. happy new year :)

ps-you have been tagged!

Colleen said...

what a fun post this is? I kinda wanna climb inside that relaxing spot... miss you friend

Jamie said...

Colleen, I miss you too. I may be visiting near your area soon with my friends, maybe I will be able to see you too!

summer... said...

so fun. here is my email address. lets hang out soon. needing a friend.

didn't want to post my phone number. hugs.

Catalina said...

jamers:) i love you! i love when your creative on your blog- so fun. i wish i could buy you that outfit right now! and i love that little pic of Jovie!