Thursday, March 11, 2010

loliiPOP lolliPOP Ooooo lolliii lolliPOP.... LOLLIPOP

sunshine turns my frown upside-down! i see you spring, your just around the corner. please don't make us wait too long to see the sun-shine day by day?!?! make the rain, go far, far away. put it back in it's cupboard in the clouds. won't cha?  then we can have back to back beach days, play baseball, take bike rides & fly kites all while the suns rays make our faces shine & our souls sing.

so sunshine until your ready to stay we'll make do like we did the other day. we had our lollipop faces on.

flavors: grape & cream soda

brand: dum dum

consume: by lots of licking of course

left with: sweet sticky faces, fingers, hair, etc

i mean what good is an auntie if she doesn't give her niece her first taste of a dum dum lollipop? sure, i will probably be in trouble but that's what i'm suppossed to do, right? smile & nod in agreement with me. ok little brother?

see everyones happy cause sugar has that effect. raise your sucker in the air judah cause were celebrating high fructose corn syrup & it's yummy effects.

why are they called dum dum: the early company sales manager named the ball-shaped candy on a stick &figured dum dum was a word any child could say.

i remember when i was little our local grocery store gave out free dum dums at the checkout counter. it made the grocery store outings a lot less boring.

favorite flavor as a child: cream soda

what was yours???? remember mystery flavor? why don't you go get some dum dum lollipops for the little sweets in your life & then have them vote here sticky fingers & all for there favorite flavor.

so spring-time until your ready to stop playing hide n' seek, i'll fill my house with flowers that remind me of your freshness, blooming colors, buzzing bees & cool breezes.

come out come out wherever you are!

what i'd like to be wearing when you stop hiding.

ruffles & flowers

hats with brims

a shirt dress in plaid
my friendship necklace cause it's so spring-alicious

or maybe some of these spring jewels.

and wedges are a must.


Phil and Bri said...

we have a favorite restaurant that still has a bowl of dum dums at the counter when you pay. I am a mystery girl or watermelon girl :) I'm so thankful wedges are still in style!!! :) haha. Love them!

The Parsons' blog said...

Guess what?!! We went to the bank today and you know what happens when you go to our bank?? You get dum dums :):) So me and the kids savored our little treat all the way home. Ava had "white" (cream soda), Stella had "sweet orange" (tangerine), Jonah had "a blue one" (blue raspberry and I got watermelon. Fun.

Linda Z said...

I'm not a fan of Dum Dums (cause I'm a chocolate girl), but I love your youthful heart!! And I love that you spoil your niece and nephew! :)

jorden9879 said...

What a wonderful post! I finally got back to reading your comment in your Valentine post, you have a wonderful soul, keep pressing on! I think you should make your blog a book because it is amazing! You are very creative. I remember a restaurant we used to go to as kids they had a wood tree with holes in that the dum dums fit into. Butterscotch, that's my fav!!!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

I loved this post!!!!! My favorite is cherry. I know boring, but I love me some cherry dum dums!! And I think you would look beautiful in all those cute clothes and shoes. But guess what you are beautiful without them!! You are oh so precious to me my friend!! I miss you so much and I just got to see you. I need a Jamie fill again!!!
Oh and i think I will take Annie and Judah home with me, thank you very much!! :)

Unknown said...

oh my! your post has made my whole day so much better!?! I love this post... the joy is contagious!

Unknown said...

Your posts are gorgeous, I'm so glad I stopped by! xo

Jamie said...

sarah, from flourish design + style, i'm so glad you stopped by and thank you for the kind words!